5 Places to Find Great Affiliate Products to Promote


Where To Find Affiliate Products To Promote

Are you trying to figure out how to join affiliate programs that actually have the right products for you to promote? If that’s the case then here are five places to find great affiliate products to promote. In this article, we will teach you where you can find the best affiliate programs online for just about any niche you can think of.

Finding a place where good affiliate programs are offered can serve you and your visitors as well and as you’ll see below, the programs we suggest here cover a very wide range of products and services. Read on to hear about our top picks.

Places To Find Products To Promote As An Affiliate

amazon Promote

Amazon – Amazon is the to-go of many people all over the world if they are looking for things to buy online. In fact, this company is probably the biggest independent affiliate network. This is also because Amazon has it all; from your dog’s hair brush to the latest gadgets.

Why use Amazon?

If you want to find the latest affiliate products then you will surely love going to Amazon simply because they have everything. They are also:

  • Trusted by many people. In fact, they mindlessly buy things on Amazon because they know this company can deliver. Doesn’t matter where you are or if you drunk-shopped your way into their site, they will give you results.
  • They have everything. As I have said before, they sell just about everything so you can definitely get almost anything you want.
  • King of Upsell anyone? To upsell simply means to recommend or recommending items that are related even before and during the process of purchasing it. Their awesome ability to upsell means you can be in for big commissions. Your referral is good for all of the items they buy, not just the product you referred them to.
  • You are rewarded for selling more. Did you know that your commission level with Amazon starts around 4-5%? Not a lot huh? But if you are able to make a lot of sales, your commission rate goes up as a whole. So the more items you sell the bigger your commission across the board. You can get up to around 10% which on bigger items can really add up.

They also have great sales and promotions which can also give you commissions. Not only that they also have the tools you need that is compatible with websites making it easy to be an affiliate for people like you.

Note that they have different affiliate programs for each Amazon store locale and you will need to apply to each separately:

WARNING: Amazon doesn’t take kindly to cloaking affiliate links, if you do and they find out, it can result in expulsion from their affiliate program. Make sure you’re making use of the Uncloaking feature in our plugin ThirstyAffiliates which lets you track and manage all your Amazon affiliate links, but still satisfy their program’s stricter terms of service surrounding link cloaking.

Clickbank Promote

Clickbank – is known for being an affiliate publisher with more than 500,000 members worldwide. That alone tells you that there’s plenty of products to promote. This site the major source for digital sales and information products like E-books and some provision for physical sales.

Why Use ClickBank?

  • Like Amazon, this site is also packed with thousands of products.
  • You can review reports in real time as they provide you with the data regarding sales, cancellations, refunds, etc.

Rakuten Promote

Rakuten – this is formerly called LinkShare is now known as a well-established affiliate marketing service. They also offer a wide array of other marketing solutions but they mainly work with larger businesses specifically those with a marketing budget and annual sales.

Why Use Rakuten?

  • They cater to your short- and long-term affiliate marketing goals.
  • They give you an up-to-date report on your progress as an affiliate.
  • They are an enterprise-level affiliate marketing service which makes it easier for you as an affiliate to work with.

shareasale Promote

ShareASale – is a business site that caters to all products with different categories. These include organic/green products down to any type of business services. However, they charge sign-up fees as well as fees for each sale. This is because they already have a solid market of affiliate marketers and a wide selection of product categories which means they can cater to many all types of businesses.

Why Use ShareASale?

  • They support a long list of ad types; from text to image ads, pop-ups etc.
  • They can track and report your progress in real-time and allows you access to it.
  • They offer support service with a team that can guide you through any part of their system.
  • They also give you access to training videos and documentation as well as training each month as part of your membership with them.
  • They work with different publishers and merchants of various retail and service sectors.

ebay Promote

eBay Partner Network – eBay has been around the internet for some time. In fact, it is one of the first known online stores that people became familiar with. With over 162 million active shoppers and 5 million sellers, you can you can definitely find relevant products to promote to your audience. It is also open to 13 countries across the globe so there is a big chance that you, as an affiliate, can tap into global customers.

Why Use eBay?

  • They can create links for single listings that you can share on social media.
  • They give you access to their database so you can personalize feed on your site.
  • They deliver easy-to-understand reports as well as analytics that is aimed towards improving and measuring performance.
  • They offer customer services to all countries in all five languages.
  • They keep you posted on the latest trends and tips in the affiliate market.

Of course, there are other places you can find products to promote. These are just 5 great examples that give a wide range of different products that would suit many niches.

The programs above make a great starting point and if you’re new to promoting affiliate products and don’t have any industry relationships to draw on. Give them a try and see for yourself.


27 thoughts on “5 Places to Find Great Affiliate Products to Promote

  1. Do you have any advice for connecting with affiliates to sell a product? We recently launched our affiliate program and connecting with good affiliates would be wonderful. Any advice?

    1. Hi Caleb,

      Try reaching out to bloggers in your niche and other influencers. These are the best people and probably the ones that will be most interested.

      Make sure you have links on your footer too to a signup page which tells them what is in it for them.

      Hope this helps

  2. I really appreciate this information. Great descriptions and links to look at more info. Are you aware of any affiliates work with SAAS? Or other types of software, mainly to do well Internet marketing, SEO, and social media marketing?

    1. Hey Danny,

      In my experience with SaaS products they either goto a big network like Shareasale or they run the program themselves. I’d encourage you to reach out directly to the team behind the product and see what their program is like 🙂

  3. I want to sell national geographic’s trips and tours do you know how to become an affiliate? I have googled everything and nothing pops up warm regards-Danielle

  4. We have a large audience located in India, and they’re interested in facts, knowledge, etc..
    What is the best affiliate marketing site we can use? Looking for legible ones, with CPC / CPI / CPA / CPL.
    Will be glad if anybody can help us!

    Uncle Club.

  5. As I am new in Affiliate marketing, I will start with E-Bay. I was never knowing these excellent features of eBay before reading this article. I will definitely start with eBay to promote my affiliate products. Thanks for the guide.

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