How The Link Health Checker Works

In version 1.1.0 of ThirstyAffiliates Pro we introduced a new feature called the Link Health Checker.

The purpose of this module is to automatically validate your affiliate links are still redirecting where you are expecting them to go.

The first time that Link Health Checker runs (it runs weekly by default) you’ll probably find that you have quite a few warning or “Link was redirected” messages.

Warnings just mean that the end destination URL was not exactly what was in the destination URL of your link.

99% of the time, this is probably fine and OK to ignore as many programs do redirect people after they land on the destination site to either hide the affiliate ID or redirect via a script.

If you have many warnings in your system its best to spot check a few and make sure they’re working as expected and then its safe to ignore for now.

The ones you need to pay immediate attention to are the links that report an error as this is usually a 404 error or the link didn’t resolve. This would cause you to lose those visitors via a broken link.

We hope you enjoy this new module, it’s purpose is to keep you informed about the health of your links and ensure you don’t miss when a link breaks.

That said, this is definitely a work in progress area in Pro, so we welcome your feedback if you have ideas about what would make this really useful.

We’re currently working on a few ideas for this tool:

  1. Moving the report outside of an email and onto a page in the backend instead. The report would just link off to that report page.
  2. Having a way to say “I’m OK with that” which would then save that as the expected response and won’t bug you again for that link.
  3. Clearing up some of the statuses so it’s a bit more clear-cut as a “health” indicator.. eg. “Healthy” as opposed to “Active”, “Warning” for situations where we need feedback about the link, “Error” for catastrophic failures such as 404s.

If you have any specific questions about how this module works just get in touch with support.

If you need to switch the module OFF for whatever reason, you can do so under ThirstyAffiliates->Settings, Modules tab.

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