What to do about errors in the Link Health Checker report?

The link health checker is very simple. It checks that if the place that the link ends up is the same as what you have in your destination URL. If they mismatch, or if the server errors along the way, it will report that.


Sometimes the link itself is working fine when you manually check it, so in those cases where you know the link is working, it could just be that the link health checker didn’t receive a response it was expecting so it flags it to you just in case. You can confidently click Ignore (ThirstyAffiliates -> Reports -> Link Health) on those links which you know are working correctly and it will ignore them next time around.


If you have any specific questions about how this module works just get in touch with support.

If you need to switch the module OFF for whatever reason, you can do so under ThirstyAffiliates->Settings, Modules tab.

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