ThirstyAffiliates Google Click Tracking Add-on

The Google Click Tracking Add-on automatically adds the recommended Google click event tracking code to your affiliate links.

Sprinkle your links throughout your website and the add-on will automatically drop in the correct Google Approved code to capture clicks on your affiliate link clicks and push them directly to Google Analytics.

$29.00 USD


Add Google Analytics Event Tracking To Your Affiliate Links

Have Clicks On Your Affiliate Links Show Up In Google Analytics Automatically

Google Click Tracking

The Google Click Tracking Add-on for ThirstyAffiliates takes the pain out of adding click tracking code to your affiliate links. It automatically detects affiliate links throughout your website and records clicks on those links via the official Google Analytics Event Tracking code.

All you have to do is sprinkle your links throughout your website as usual and the add-on will monitor your links for clicks and execute the Google Approved tracking code to capture those click events on your affiliate links and push data about them directly into Google Analytics.

This is an important part of tracking your affiliate campaigns. Normally you would have to do these code changes manually after inserting your links, digging around in the HTML code. But now you can save time and rest easy knowing that when you insert a link, it has the right click tracking code all ready to go.

Adds Click Tracking Code On The Fly

With this fully automatic add-on, you don’t have to worry about adding the special “onclick” Javascript snippet to tell Google Analytics about this important event. It does it for you by monitoring the clicks on links throughout your articles and even in your site’s sidebar, header or footer.

In fact, anywhere that an affiliate link appears, the Google Click Tracking add-on will detect it and monitor it for clicks.

If someone clicks on your affiliate links that click Event is automatically registered with Google Analytics and goes straight into your reports (even the Live Reports!). It’s as easy as that, no extra work for you.

Universal Analytics Compatible

Google has now make their Universal Analytics platform the default for all Google Analytics users.

The Google Click Tracking plugin is fully compatible with both Universal Analytics (analytics.js) and the Legacy (ga.js) analytics. It supports new users to Google Analytics, those who upgraded to Universal and those who need to stick with Legacy support as they’re holding off for a while.

We’re also 100% compatible with the leading Google Analytics plugin, Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress, which utilises a unique tracking function name for Universal Analytics.

20/20 Analysis: Google Analytics Goals Compatible

With this add-on, clicks on your affiliate links will show up in Google Analytics as Events, this is important to separate them from normal page views.

We highly recommend tying these affiliate link click Events to a Goal inside of Google Analytics.

Doing so will give you an instant snapshot of your affiliate link clicks as well as providing really fine grained reporting of who and what is pushing the most commissions on your site.

Advanced Customization of Click Tracking Events

Advanced optionsNeed to set a custom action name for the click Event in Google Analytics? No problem.

We also give the option to use the Post URL in the Value field which our customers using the Autolinker add-on have found very handy for tracking the exact pages that deliver clicks.

Plays Nice With Other Add-ons

The Google Click Tracking add-on is also 100% compatible with other ThirstyAffiliates official add-ons.

This means if you’re using something like the ThirstyAffiliates Autolinker Addon, you can track all that juicy data from your automatic links as well.

Licence Information

Purchasing the ThirstyAffiliates Google Click Tracking add-on allows you:

  • Use on unlimited websites
  • Automatic updates via the WordPress dashboard
  • 1 year of email support

To enable automatic updates you must enter both your purchase email address and licence key (provided to you upon purchase) in the Settings area under ThirstyAffiliates.

If you do not have a licence key and you purchased this add-on previously and require your licence key to activate updates, please contact support.


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