What is the difference between the redirect types and when to use them?

ThirstyAffiliates has a number of different redirect types to choose from for maximum flexibility.

  • 301 redirect – refer to permanently moving your link juice (ranking power) to the new URL. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect, it tells the browser this resource has moved to this location. The browser then caches the redirect.
  • 302 redirect – Redirect to another location but don’t specify why. The browser should not cache the redirect (but sometimes it will depending on the browser and your server setup).
  • 307 redirect – Redirect to another location but tell the browser that it’s temporary and might again soon. Browser doesn’t cache it.

If you don’t think a link will change very often you can use a 301 redirect. If a link is changing destination URL frequently we suggest using 302 or 307 (personal preference which).

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