Why Do I Have Extra Data Attributes On My Links Now?

Have you inspected your ThirstyAffiliates links and noticed that there is some extra “data-” attributes on the <a> tag?

The latest version of Google Click Tracking adds some data attributes to links that are inserted from the ThirstyAffiliates Link Picker tool.

They are designed to add more accuracy and speed to tracking those particular links on the front end and are nothing to worry about.

If you inspect the HTML code, here's what would look like:

<a href=”http://example.com/recommends/link-slug” target=”_blank” title=”Link Name” rel=”nofollow” data-thirsty_gct_link_id=”1234″ data-thirsty_gct_link_name=”Link Name” data-thirsty_gct_link_post_permalink=”/recommends/link-slug/”>Link Name</a>

So what about older links, do I have to re-insert them?

Any older links already inserted in content or other areas of your site will work with tracking as well, so you don't have to re-insert them.

The Google Click Tracking add-on makes a best guess at what the tracking data should be (when it can't detect those data attributes) and tracks it just the same.

This helps especially if you have older links or inserted link in non-content areas like banners and sidebars.

In short, there's nothing to do, just ignore this extra info added to your links, it's safe and only there to help.