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Basic Workflow For ThirstyAffiliates AZON

The ThirstyAffiliates AZON importer add-on is extremely powerful when used properly. It can speed up your link creation process 100x fold.

This is a guide to help you get up to speed on the basic workflow of this powerful Amazon product to affiliate link importer.

It helps if you think of AZON as just a simple importer. I've written some basic instructions for the workflow below (we'll turn this into an article on our knowledge base shortly – I'm aware the docs are a bit lacking at the moment!).

  1. Login to your WordPress website which has ThirstyAffiliates and the AZON add-on installed and ready to go
  2. Visit the AZON importer page by going to Affiliate Links->Amazon Import
  3. Search for your product, then click the Import button (the little chain for regular importing, or the lightning bolt for 1-click importing based on the setting you provide in Affiliate Links->Settings)
  4. When you import the product, it automatically creates an Affiliate Link for you under Affiliate Links->All Affiliate Links.
  5. To use the link in a post, add your post/page as you normally would (Posts->Add New).
  6. Write your text, then select the piece of text you wish your link to be attached to and click on the green “Aff” button that appears in your editor.
  7. Search for the product (it should be the most recent if you just added it) and click on the chain icon to insert the affiliate link and link up the text. You can also choose to insert your link with an image or shortcode from here (as per usual with ThirstyAffiliates).

We hope this helps get this going with the basic workflow of how to use the ThirstyAffiliates AZON importer add-on.

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