How Query String Passing Works

As of ThirstyAffiliates 3.0, we have introduced a new feature called Query String Passing.

You can enable it on a global basis:

Pass Query String To Affiliate Links

Or on a per-link override basis:

Pass Query String To Affiliate Links In ThirstyAffiliates

How It Works

Query strings are those little bits of extra information on the end of links that you see sometimes like:

Affiliate links also have these usually like or something like that.

What this does is let you cloak an affiliate link like so:

Imagine you have a cloaked URL in ThirstyAffiliates like:

And suppose this redirects to the destination:

If you want you can add some extra query string data like so when inserting the link into your post:

The extra part foo=bar will be passed through and attached to the end of the destination URL like so:

In short, whatever query string data you put on the end of your cloaked URL will be passed through to the affiliate link when it’s being redirected.

This is great for programs that allow you to add extra tracking codes.

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