ThirstyAffiliates Pro Changelog

  • Bug Fix: JavaScript error if jQuery is deferred
  • Bug Fix: JavaScript error if adblocker active
  • Bug Fix: Stop overriding PHP's max_execution_time
  • Feature: The autolinker will not replace keywords in p tags with the class "ta-ignore"
  • Feature: Add a filter on the content selector for the disclosure notice
  • Improvement: Change the autolinker cache to prefer more recently modified links
  • Change: Set the affiliate disclosure link to open in a new tab
  • Change: The link health checker now only checks for 404s (and is now called Automatic 404 Checker)
  • Bug Fix: Duplicate cron events being queued
  • Bug Fix: jQuery migrate warnings
  • Bug Fix: Disclosure tooltip content appearing under buttons on some themes
  • Improvement: Sort the Autolinker keywords so that the longest keywords are matched first
  • Bug Fix: Adjust the position of the Google click tracking script to support jQuery in the footer
  • Bug Fix: Duplicate categories being created when importing links
  • Bug Fix: Stats Table query when filtering by category
  • Bug Fix: Hide full license key after license activation
  • Bug Fix: Non-administrator roles unable to save the plugin settings
  • Bug Fix: Error saving Amazon settings on fresh install
  • Bug Fix: Amazon links being escaped on import
  • Feature: Add filter hooks to exclude HTML tags from the autolinker
  • Bug Fix: Updated the Amazon Importer to use PA API 5.0
  • Bug Fix: Keyword replacements linking to the current post
  • Improvement: Add support for Amazon Affiliate programs in Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey and UAE
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error activating the plugin on some WP timezones
  • Bug Fix: Redirect issue when importing links containing ampersands
  • Bug Fix: Non-English characters appearing as ? in the exported CSV file
  • Bug Fix: CSV exporter success message position
  • Feature: Add support for geolocating IPv6 addresses
  • Improvement: Change the 'hover' event to 'mouseenter' for the disclosure icon
  • Bug Fix: Issue with keyword replacements containing a forward slash
  • Bug Fix: Geolocating the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error dismissing the activation notice
  • Bug Fix: The edit link CSS file being blocked by Adblock Plus
  • Bug Fix: Mixed content warnings on HTTPS sites
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error in the CSV importer
  • Bug Fix: HTML entity issue in the exported CSV
  • Bug Fix: Several fatal errors and issues with the link health check date
  • Bug Fix: Button icon position in link health report
  • Improvement: Minor code improvements
  • Bug Fix: Link health checker issue, sending report email every few minutes
  • Bug Fix: Amazon Imported US links doesn't generate UK geolocation link
  • Bug Fix: Reported warnings related to the update manager on Models/SLMW/Update.php line 401
  • Bug Fix: Improve the multi site behavior for the license settings
  • Bug Fix: Plugin visibility module fix for restricted users still being able to click edit in the affiliate link list
  • Bug Fix: Module settings were still able to be accessed via direct link when disabled
  • Bug Fix: Saving empty URL when htaccess module enabled can cause a syntax breakage
  • Bug Fix: Link Health Checker when disabled was still sending email reports
  • Bug Fix: Keywords report has placeholder text as description
  • Bug Fix: Fix conflict with Google Click Tracking module and WooCommerce external product integration
  • Feature: Show the device used in stats table
  • Feature: Best Performers report
  • Feature: Ability to control Plugin Visibility
  • Feature: WooCommerce External product integration
  • Feature: Introduce limiter for posts
  • Feature: Add additional controls to Google Click Tracking to tweak event action
  • Feature: Allow users to set default click data parameters (useful for tracking outside the site)
  • Feature: Automatically add affiliate disclosures
  • Feature: Most Popular report
  • Improvement: Improve Autolinker implementation
  • Improvement: Improve the comparability of the expected and actual destination in link health checker reports
  • Bug Fix: Issue with Amazon Import tool when country code is set to 'UK'
  • Make sure Htaccess uses the latest method of fetching the affiliate links redirect type
  • Improvement: Make the report actions compact
  • Improvement: Update all reports to use local browser's time zone
  • Improvement: Ability to remove saved report
  • Improvement: Add 24 hour reports for Geolocation, Stats Table and Keywords report
  • Improvement: Code improvements
  • Bug Fix: Fetching report for general category will show undefined for the click total
  • Improvement: Add delimiter to the exported CSV link overviews to allow comma in the link title
  • Improvement: Add totals to Link Performance (soon to be Link Overview) report
  • Improvement: Move pencil icon to an actual button called "Fix" on the link health checker report
  • Improvement: Change hours offset option text of Link Health feature from "days" to "hours"
  • Bug Fix: link overview report export CSV feature still uses the data fetched via PHP and not the one fetched after page load via AJAX.
  • Bug Fix: PHP Notices
  • Feature: Add a feature to manually trigger the link health checker report
  • Feature: Add support for Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) on the URL Shortener feature
  • Improvement: When htaccess is turned on, make the JS redirect scripts halt for links that are eligible for htaccess
  • Improvement: Make sure htaccess module skips affiliate links with link scheduler data
  • Htaccess: enabling and disabling "Link Category in URL?" option will not update the htaccess
Version 1.2.3
  • Improvement: Improvements in update manager codebase
Version 1.2.2
  • Improvement: Update link performance report script to load reports for local browser's timezone
  • Improvement: Sort country list by most clicks first on Geolocation report
  • Improvement: Create a better pagination interface on Stats Table report
  • Improvement: Minor codebase improvemets
  • Bug Fix: Tracking script function not populated properly for GTM
Version 1.2.1
  • Bug Fix: Problem activating license keys on some environments
Version 1.2.0
  • Feature: WPML Support
  • Feature: Polylang Support
  • Feature: Add an easy way to access the htaccess debug log
  • Feature: Ability to save custom reports
  • Feature: Show clicks summary on the list view
  • Feature: Let admins define a custom JS variable name for google analytics
  • Feature: Link Duration/Expiration
  • Feature: Export CSV option for the Stats table report
  • Feature: Allow regenerate shortened URL after changing the URL Shortener Service
  • Improvement: Move the Link Health report into the backend instead of in emails
  • Improvement: Change link health statuses
  • Improvement: Health status reports provides the users a way to give instructions based on the response
  • Improvement: Allow bulk operations on Link Health Reports
  • Improvement: Add highlighting feature like WooCommerce's reports when hovering the legend
  • Improvement: Keyword report
  • Improvement: Improve Google Click Tracking module
  • Bug Fix: Event action in Google Analytics ( using Google Click Tracking module ) is prefixed with http:go/
  • Bug Fix: Amazon import popup shows wrong redirection type
  • Bug Fix: Amazon import popup shows wrong redirection type
Version 1.1.4
  • Bug Fix: Make GCT link uri protocol agnostic.
  • Bug Fix: 24 hour report is displaying UTC Timezone. Currently it will be based off the browser set timezone.
  • Bug Fix: The Select Color and Fetch Report button on reports page is a bit off.
Version 1.1.3
  • Improvement: Improve SQL efficiency on Stats Table report
  • Improvement: Improve SQL efficiency for Geolocations report
  • Bug Fix: htaccess module changing ampersands to encoded
  • Bug Fix: During plugin update Geo module switches back on when it was previously switched off
Version 1.1.2
  • Bug Fix: Move shortened URL and link health columns to the far right. Only show shortened URL column when configured.
  • Bug Fix: Can't remove the "General" from reports chart on Link Performance report
  • Bug Fix: Only make TAP license nag notice non-dismissible on the settings area or affiliate link edit screens
  • Bug Fix: Changing cloaked URL slug and generating short URL at the same time produces wrong short URL
Version 1.1.1
  • Improvement: Minor code improvements
  • Bug Fix: Unable to change the event notification name
  • Bug Fix: GCT script is not loaded on initial install
  • Bug Fix: Unable to set the event notification term using REST API
  • Bug Fix: Having extra comma (,) for _ta_autolink_keyword_list in REST API creates extra empty value
  • Bug Fix: Make sure ta.js file is enqueued when GCT module is turned on
Version 1.1.0
  • Feature: Cache AZON search results in transient
  • Feature: Link Health Checker
  • Feature: Show visitor IPs and referrers in advanced reporting
  • Feature: Integration with popular link shortening services ( &
  • Feature: Add new event notification type for clicks in a 24hr period
  • Feature: Extend the Link Performance Report with a link clicks table
  • Feature: Add REST API support
  • Improvement: Make event tracking compatible with Google Tag Manager
  • Improvement: Make Google Click Tracking compatible with Google Site Tag
  • Improvement: Code improvements
  • Bug Fix: Problem with HTaccess using some link destination urls
  • Bug Fix: Improve reports performance
Version 1.0.4
  • Bug Fix: Pass special characters accordingly on activation email
  • Bug Fix: Error when no post types selected for autolinker
Version 1.0.3
  • Bug Fix: Autolinker will link inside an anchor tag when that text is wrapped in other tags
  • Bug Fix: If you click Fetch Report on the single link report it will add the previous link over and over when none is selected
  • Bug Fix: Tour keeps popping up on reactivation (plugin update)
Version 1.0.2
  • Bug Fix: The same category report can be added over and over again
  • Bug Fix: Can select the "No affiliate links found" when searching a link on the report page
  • Bug Fix: Uncloaking is not aware of geolocated links
Version 1.0.1
  • Bug Fix: The Record All Existing Links To HTAccess option shows that the links are recorded even if it can't find the TA3 section in htaccess.
  • Bug Fix: Cannot remove a report once its added
  • Bug Fix: Disable Autolink on individual post is not working
  • Bug Fix: Autolinker doesn't autolink if the word is between tags
  • Bug Fix: Geolocation module doesn't work on first install
  • Bug Fix: Properly handle ampersands on HTAccess Module
Version 1.0.0
  • Initial version