Affiliate Interview: Istiak Rayhan of Road To Blogging and WPLeaders

Istiak Rayhan Interview blogging

Every now and then we come across an exceptional affiliate marketing story – some are so impressive that we just have to reach out and interview them!

Today’s interview is from someone you might not have heard in the headlines but is well known in his space and is making his mark all the same.

He has been a blogger since 2012 and runs a number of interesting sites, mostly monetized with affiliate marketing.

I’m really happy to have Istiak Rayhan on the blog today to tell us about his story and to answer a few questions about what’s been working for him over the years.

When I saw he’d recently taken over a site that I knew about called I was really interested to hear about the acquisition and what else he’s been up to that I didn’t know about.

So without further ado, here’s our interview with Istiak:

1. You’ve been blogging for a number of years now across various sites.
But for those who don’t know you, can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

Hi, I am Istiak Rayhan. I am a full-time blogger and an internet marketer from Bangladesh. I’ve been blogging since 2012. I run few blogs –,,,, etc.

After completing my BBA & MBA, I decided to be a full-time blogger rather than going to a regular job. So far it’s an incredible journey. Apart from blogging, I am working with some local startups as an angel investor.

2. You recently took over the site from Hesham Zebida.
What kinds of challenges have you faced so far with taking over that business and building it up? was not my first acquisition. Before that, I acquired via Flippa from Pradeep Kumar of HellBoundBloggers.

Now let’s talk about why and how I took over WPLeaders from Hesham Zebida.

While running RoadToBlogging, I get many blog post ideas related to WordPress. But I couldn’t cover all those ideas on RTB as it’s not a dedicated blog for WordPress topic. That’s the time when I realized that I should start a blog on WordPress.

I didn’t want to start a blog from scratch, I was looking for an inactive blog with good potentiality. I found that Hesham was not updating regularly, I approached him, and he quickly responded. We settled down on high four-figure price.

As we didn’t use any platforms like Flippa, trust was an issue. But we have known each other for a while. I was a regular reader of Hesham’s Famous Bloggers. So I trusted him and sent the money before getting the domain name ownership. It was a smooth deal. Hesham was very helpful. However, I don’t recommend this way to everyone. Only use this way if you know each other for a while.

After getting the full control of the blog, I started changing affiliate links. As Hesham was using ThirstyAffiliates, it was not a tough job for me at all. I quickly replaced all links.

Then I started updating old posts which were already getting organic traffic and sales. Most of the cases, I changed the full content of the post and update it with Thrive Architect to make it more attractive and engaging. It has helped me to get higher rank in Google as well as generating more affiliate sales.

Now I am publishing 2-3 new posts every week and regularly update old posts as well. The blog is generating decent four figures every month.

3. What has been your biggest win when it comes to affiliate marketing? Be it on the WPLeaders site you’re concentrating on or elsewhere?
For example, maybe a strategy that has paid off well or something you’re proud of.

It’s tough to name one as the biggest win. But I will always remember my first biggest earning from a single affiliate program which was $1800. So far, I’ve made over $100,000 from that program.

4. If you had to start again tomorrow, what would be the first thing you’d do to rebuild your affiliate marketing empire?

I will monetize the blog from Day 1. Previously, I used to wait for traffic to come before monetizing the blog. But it was a wrong strategy. Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require a lot of traffic. You can make money even from few visitors. I have applied this technique at And I got my first Amazon sale with very low traffic (0 -3 per day).

Another thing I’ll do is, cloaking all product/service links via ThirstyAffiliates even if those are not affiliate links. This way I will be able to monetize my blog better way. For example, Ahrefs (SEO tool) doesn’t have an affiliate program, but there is a possibility it will launch affiliate program soon. So what I am doing is, cloak the link before inserting it into the blog posts. When Ahrefs start the program, All I will have to do is just change the link to affiliate link, and it will be applied to every link.

5. What’s your number 1 tip to new affiliate marketers?

Try to understand the buyers’ intents. It’s not about understanding the difference between commercial and informational contents. You need to know how and when the visitors convert into customers. Not all your visitors will buy in the first place. You need to offer them a free trial or an affordable solution or just a free solution.

6. What’s in store for the rest of 2018? What do you hope to do more of?

One thing is sure. This year, I am not going to launch any new blog. I’ll be focusing more on team building. Currently, I have 3 members on my team. I am planning to expand it.

Affiliate Marketing helps me to make money even when I am not working. Last year, I was in Hajj (Muslim Pilgrimage). I was inactive for 2 months. But it didn’t hamper my earnings. I want to apply the same technique to working so that I can get things done even when I am not working. A good team can help me to do that. So this year my primary focus is to build a team.

7. Where can people find you and follow what you’re doing?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

And finally, Thank you and ThirstyAffiliates team for such an awesome plugin and taking this interview.

11 thoughts on “Affiliate Interview: Istiak Rayhan of Road To Blogging and WPLeaders

  1. Good deal Josh and Istiak. Hesham rocks guys. I have known him for almost 1 decade. Awesome dude who ran Famous Bloggers where I guest posted a few times. Keep on inspiring guys.

  2. That’s an impressive interview. You’re killing it with blogging.

    I especially loved your tactic to clock links even if we aren’t using affiliate links. That’s a cool hack.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hello Josh,

    I know Istiak for few years. He is a passionate blogger and writes on different topics related to blogging. I read his blog and always find something credible and informative about his posts. Thanks for sharing this interview with us.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

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