How to Add Disclosure Message

This feature, available only in the ThirstyAfiliates Pro version,  helps keep your site compliant with FTC guidelines.

You can add a disclosure message to your content in a few simple steps:

1. Enable the Affiliate Disclosure module under the ThirstyAffiliates->Settings->Modules section, then save changes:

2. Find the Affiliate Disclosure settings under the ThirstyAffiliates->Settings section:

There are several settings available to customize affiliate disclosure display:

a) Disclosure page – From a drop-down menu choose the page which contains full information about your disclosure notice.

b) Disclosure notice link text – Insert the text to display for the link to the set disclosure page.

c) Display disclosure notice tooltip – When checked, the plugin will add an icon next to all affiliate links on the site, which when hovered will display the disclosure notice message with a link to the disclosure notice page.

d) Disclosure notice message (tooltip) – The text to display on the tooltip. Add {{disclosure_link}} to display the link to the disclosure page.

e) Display disclosure notice at the bottom of the article – When checked, the plugin will add the disclosure notice text at the bottom of the post or page. This will only be added on the actual post/page and not on archive pages.

f) Display disclosure notice on the following post types – Defaults to post and page, but you can choose a custom post type by clicking on the field.

g) Disclosure notice message (bottom of article) – The text to display on the disclosure notice at the bottom of post/page article. Add {{disclosure_link}} to display the link to the disclosure page.

Don't forget to save the changes once you define the settings.

*Please note that there isn't currently an option for putting a disclosure notice on top, but the code below should move the disclosure notice from the bottom to the top of the article:

jQuery(window).on('load', function () {
jQuery('.tap_disclosure_notice_bottom_post').each(function () {

You can add it using a plugin like

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