The Secret Weapon Of Top Affiliate Marketers

Having a strategy for doing your affiliate marketing is very important, otherwise it can be a bit like shouting into the wind.

At the end of the day, people are buying products on your recommendation and if you want to convert visitors into customers of that product or service you’re going to want to be talking to the right people and building trust with them.

What is the secret of top affiliates?

The big secret is that you need to pre-qualify your visitors. But what is does pre-qualifying mean and how do you do it?

A pre-qualified visitor is someone that when clicking on the link will be more likely to buy and the business doesn’t need to struggle quite so hard to convince them they should buy when the come from you.

Matching the right visitors up with the right products is part and parcel of our job as affiliate marketers.

Think about what kind of traffic is visiting viewing the links you’re publishing and see if you can bring more relevant people to that page.

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Using affiliate marketing in reviews

Affiliate marketing in reviews can be extremely effective. Because of the nature of a review in that you are recommending the reader to possibly purchase the item because of how you have outlined it’s good points, they are more likely to click through your links when they are presented to them.

Timing is very important here as you don’t want to tell them to click through too early, but by giving them the option to view somewhere to buy the product you are talking about, you’re more likely to send a pre-qualified lead to the business.

Pre-qualified visitors are more likely to convert on the other end when they click through and see the option to buy.

Targeting niches with affiliate marketing

Many affiliate marketers believe a multipronged approach is required. That’s why affiliate marketing and niche marketing have a great cross-section.

Niche marketing involves targeting a small sub group inside a category of businesses. In this way you can target your affiliate offers to a specific group of people.

How to increase your affiliate sales conversions

Although as affiliates we don’t have much control over what the destination website looks like there is one thing that you can do to increase the chances that visitors from your site will purchase the product or service on the other end.

By placing your links contextually in your content you can ensure that people reading your content (that is, people that are interested in what you are writing about) will be more likely to click through.

This has the effect of increasing the number of interested (or pre-qualified) buyers through your links which will increase the conversions on the other end.

Take your time

Taking your time talking to people and massaging them into the right frame of mind can result in a much bigger pay day with more people converting while consuming your content.

As mentioned, reviews are great for this. As is placing the links in the right place (context!).

Doing these simple things can have you converting just as well as the top affiliate marketers and from there it’s just a matter of pumping the right kind of traffic through your funnel.

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