Affiliate Marketing On A Site: Is It A Good Idea?

With the growth of Internet use and digital marketing, many software has come up to help people create websites and blogs to market their products and service and keep up with the rest of the online world. One of these software that we can recommend is WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System). Reportedly the most popular website management and blogging system on the web, WordPress can be installed on a web server and used in two forms:, and These versions of WordPress are similar, yet are built and used differently.

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What Are true Differences between and is a totally free software that already provides the user with other web hosting services completely free. Installing is very easy, and it has many varied themes that one can use, also for free. has some WordPress plugins and services that aren’t available elsewhere. It also has automatic updates and backups and also offers built-in spam protection. is also a software that is free to the public, and it also has several plugins and a few others that need to be bought., however, requires web hosting services, which need to be paid for. This is actually a good thing, as you can set up a site in any way you want, with your own themes; you can install any plugins you want to install, and there is a ton of information and tutorials to help you set up your site by yourself. If you can’t, you will have to pay a developer to do it for you.

These sites are rather different in how they can be used, and as such one is more suitable for specific tasks than the other. Affiliate marketers usually use their websites or their blogs to promote products and services using links, banners, text ads, opt-in forms, and the like. A site is suitable for people who don’t want to pay for a domain name and web hosting, and you can use it without paying a dime for as long as you want. However, is a site ideal for affiliate marketing?

wordpress marketing

Is Good for Affiliate Marketing?

Well, to be very blunt and straightforward: no. is not a good idea for an affiliate marketing site or blog. is a free hosting site, and it has a lot of good points, but it is not entirely suitable for affiliate marketing.

According to itself, affiliate marketing blogs, which are blogs whose main purpose and objective are to drive traffic to affiliate products, are not allowed on If you decide to try your luck and set up a blog on with an affiliate link or two, there might be a possibility that WordPress will shut down your site, without the chance nor the option of reclaiming any of your data.

Apart from that rather explicit reason for not using for affiliate marketing, a host of other reasons abound for why the item is simply no good for affiliate marketing.

– You can’t use certain plugins that could help you to optimise your site for SEO. Plugins like Yoast can’t be used on Yoast is a great plugin affiliate marketers can use to ensure their site is properly optimised for SEO, and that their content also has acceptable levels of SEO that would ensure that what your content appears on the first page of search results, and it is reaching the people you need to reach. A site doesn’t allow such plugins to be installed, and neither does it allow you to install plugins that you can use them design your site to your tastes. The design you get with is the one you will use: it is non-negotiable.

– You can’t get snippet plugins, which let you add some extra info, something like an excerpt or short prologue, to snippets about articles, reviews, product descriptions, and other forms of content that you produce for your site. These snippets help to drive more traffic to your site and also increases the CTRs (click-through rates) on your blog. does not support these plugins.

– themes are terrible for SEO. They did not support SEO and can be a problem to work on the blog. Themes on are also free, so it is difficult getting something unique for your own site or blog because hundreds of others can and will be using that same theme. Paying for an exclusive theme on doesn’t help either, as many others can still pay for that same theme and use it.

– When you finally decide to switch from to, you would lose a dear percentage of your time, because moving data from the one site to the other is a lot of work.

– You cannot use Google Search Console, a tool more advanced and specialised than Google Analytics, used for improving the SEO of sites and blogs.

This clearly shows that, as far as affiliate marketing is concerned, is not the way to go. It hinders and limits your potential rather than aid it and helps it grow. This doesn’t mean that WordPress sites aren’t good for affiliate marketing: it means that, if you are serious about your affiliate marketing business, you should go for a site. You can buy a domain with reputable web hosting, get some themes, or hire a web developer to set it up just the way you want it, and you are good to go.



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