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Relevancy in Affiliate Marketing

How Relevancy Can Help You Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Not getting quite the performance you hoped out of your affiliate marketing efforts? Maybe you need to look at how and what you’re promoting. Today we want to talk about relevancy and how being more relevant to your audience can help skyrocket your commissions. Why Relevancy Is Important In Affiliate

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ThirstyAffiliates affiliate link click stats addon

New Stats Add-On Version v1.2

Tracking what clicks are happening on your affiliate links is super important for getting an overview of what links appeal most to your visitors. You can also cross-match this click statistics data with conversions to really figure out what’s working on your site. One of the coolest add-ons for ThirstyAffiliates

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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Affiliate marketing is a practise that has long been a big part of online business. It involves getting other people to help market your products. In exchange for marketing your products, the affiliate takes a percentage of the revenue. Bloggers and Affiliate Marketing Bloggers in particular have an opportunity to capitalize

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5 Great Reasons Why You Need To Be Managing Your Affiliate Links

Here’s 5 great reasons of why you need to be managing your affiliate links using a professional affiliate link management system. If you’ve ever wondered how some affiliates can manage hundreds or thousands of links in their affiliate marketing campaigns, this is how. 5 reasons professional affiliate marketers need to

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How Bloggers Can Monetize With Affiliate Marketing

If you were using only banner ads to monetize your blog traffic till now, it’s time to look beyond. There are several strategies that you can adopt to earn some extra cash from your blog and affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the most useful ways for making

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Top Affiliate

The Secret Weapon Of Top Affiliate Marketers

Having a strategy for doing your affiliate marketing is very important, otherwise it can be a bit like shouting into the wind. At the end of the day, people are buying products on your recommendation, and if you want to convert visitors into customers of that product or service you

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Explaining the secret world of affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs are schemes setup by businesses to have people help them promote their products and services by providing a revenue split with the affiliate when they bring a customer to the business that buys something. Affiliate programs work by sending a predetermined percentage of the proceeds of any sales

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