5 Ways To Pick Out The Best Products To Be An Affiliate For

Are you planning to become an affiliate marketer? What products do you intend to start promoting? The truth of the matter is, many newbies do not know how to select products to sell. You should be aware how to choose which products to promote. This is because if you cannot find the right product to support, you will not make much profit.

Would you like to know how to select the best products to be an affiliate for?

When you are trying to choose a product to become an affiliate for, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the product you are about to select have a professional appearance, sales page and good product reviews?
  2. In what market are you going to sell?
  3. Is it a niche that you are comfortable with?

The following five methods will help you to pick the best product to become an affiliate for.

market niche

Make A List

The very first thing that you should consider before you pick a product to be an affiliate is to make a list of all the goods you are interested in marketing. You are likely to come up with a long list depending on the niche you have chosen.

Next, you need to narrow down that list by eliminating those products that will not earn you a good commission. How can you do that? Well, surf the internet for affiliate programs for each product on your list. Look at how much you will earn for each product. For any product that you will be paid lowly, drop it like a hot coal in your hands. Settle for a product you will earn $30 or more per sale.

Look For Market Niche For The Products

The second factor that you should take into consideration before you pick a product to be an affiliate is to find the market niche for that particular product. According to studies, the marketplace is divided into 23 main categories.

So you must go through all the 23 categories and then pick a product that you think you will be comfortable to promote. When selecting a product to be an affiliate for, choose a product to sort results by gravity.

Remember, the higher the gravity will be, the more that product is selling in the marketplace. Now, select a product that has a market gravity of 20 or less. However, as a newbie, do not pick a product that has a market gravity of more than 100 because it means that product has high competition. However, if you choose a product that has strong competition, then make sure you think outside the box for new marketing strategies that can help you sway the market your way.

Market’s Needs

The third factor that you should take into consideration before picking a product to be an affiliate for is the need for that particular product. You stand a better chance of earning a big commission from affiliate sales if you will choose a product that helps to solve a desperate problem/need of the customers. If you find a product like that, do not think twice because you are guaranteed that many clients are likely to purchase it to help them solve their problems.

That is not all, follow the trend. The market trend of a product is a good friend to affiliate marketing. For example, you will not be wise to choose to sell a product about ice skating if you know the winter season is almost coming to an end. When the winter ends, customers will not need skating boards anymore!

If Christmas is around the corner, you can be sure a lot of families will do a lot of cooking, select a product that is related to food and you will make a killing in your intake.


When selecting a product to promote, consider the product’s sales page and look for leaks. A leak is a chance that a potential buyer may click off the product’s sales page without ordering for the product for which you will be paid.

Why should you look for leaks in the product’s sales page and how is that likely to help you with your affiliate sales? The leaks are likely to give you a resale and giveaway rights. When a customer clicks on the link, the link will direct your client to a sales page showing many other products hence enabling your potential customer to discover a range of other related products.

This is known as upselling. This means that there are 50 – 50 chance of you earning a commission for the work of directing a client to the site.

Customer’s Reasons

Let’s say you are interested in selling products related to health, and on your website, you get many visitors. You need to analyse the reason as to why many customers visited your site, look at this from your client’s perspective. Try to figure out as many reasons as to why your customers are visiting your web, what might they be looking for?

List as many reasons as you can that are making your clients search for health related products. By doing this, you can have a perfect idea of the type of goods that you can pick to promote that will help your clients. With this information, then you can go to an affiliate product owner and select for yourself as many relevant health products as you can and be sure to have your way in the market.

Some of the health-related products that you can pick include products for stress, insomnia, diet, weight and so much more.

For example, if your health product deals with insomnia, then it could be that your clients are looking for a solution to insomnia related problem. If you have products that can help solve their problem, wants and needs, then you stand a chance of getting many clients buying your products.

With these 5 ways, I am sure that picking out the best products to promote will be a lot easier for you.


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