Building Your Relationship With Product Owners

As an affiliate marketer, your relationship with a product owner is very crucial for the success of your marketing. You should not just aim at making sales, building your relationship is as important as building a relationship in the social circle. Remember, the product owner is the one who creates the products that you are selling in the first place so you cannot ignore him even for a sec. The product owner will create the right products because the right channels are in place.

In affiliate marketing, your role as an affiliate marketer and the role of the product owner are worlds apart, but both are virtually essential. But at some point, your skill sets and that of your product owner might overlap each other hence it is crucial if the two of you worked together as a team.

The following are some of the ways through which you can build a good relationship with your product owner.


As you know, no healthy relationship can exist without a balanced communication. The core root of a successful relationship with your product owner is a transparent communication when you are negotiating for a contract and a continued interaction over the marketing process to give your product owner feedback about your customer’s response among other things.

As you continue to hold regular communications with your product owner, you will learn that your sales are likely to improve. Because the customer feedback that you give to the proprietor, if he takes them into consideration, the product is likely to be a better value and your customers will be satisfied hence your sales and revenue will increase.

That is not all, communicating with your product owner can share with you some of the product features which you did not know about the product, and you can use that information to your advantage. Further still, if you have defective products from your product owner, he can direct you on what you should do about it.

A product owner can be of help to you as much as you would want him to be. It is to your advantage that you hold a balanced communication with your product owner.

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As an affiliate, creativity is key to your success in this industry. You should be able to market the product in a far much better way than the product owner can. You have two options of doing this, one, send as many clients as you can to their site to generate traffic and two, create your website, this is where the real magic happens.

The product owner, also, has a role to play as well. He must do a market test with the product by sacrificing some profit to give free samples for market testing. So the product owner has to check the market, make the public aware of the product before you can join in his sales team.

For the success of whatever product it might be, however good it is, you need to have a good relationship with your product owner because without him testing the market for you, you cannot have a market. You need each other for the success of affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you need always to be testing and measuring the user behaviour in the market and communicating the feedback to your product owner.

Market Analysis

As an affiliate, if you need to rake in as much commission as you want from your product owner, you need to carry out a market analysis about the product and then letting your product owner know. First of all, you need to determine the lifetime value of a customer. If the products that you are marketing are of the subscription type, you will need to practice patience and track all your sources.

The product owner, also, will need to analyse not only the affiliate market but he will also follow your links to see if your links are working well or you are messing with the marketing strategy.

So, the two of you need to work hand in hand so that your affiliate marketing can produce the desired results. The market analysis both on your side and the product owner will help to identify areas where strengthening is needed to increase sales.

Cross Dependence

You and your product owner are cross-dependent of each other, and hence you should have a close relationship. Having a balanced relationship can help you to improve the project that you are working with and help smooth any unexpected bumps that might come in your working tenure.

While the product owner is responsible for establishing the product and communicating the key features about the product, you as an affiliate marketer is responsible for taking this product to the customer’s doorstep and helping the product owner realise sales.

Both of you can only realise this if you have a working relationship and be able to clearly communicate appropriately with each other for you to make your marketing vision and the company to maintain interest.

Engaging Meetings

You can improve your relationship with your product owner by engaging in meetings. While you have your responsibility – selling your affiliate products and your manufacturer producing the products but in practice, it can be much more efficient if both of you held meetings at different times to discuss the product and its progress.

You have your weaknesses and strengths so does your product owner. But if you held meetings, it will be easy to complement each other for the benefit of both of you. This is close to team building, and each party stands to win since you will share your side of the market expectations and your product owner share features about the product.

If you would like to see increased sales from your affiliate marketing, have a tag team kind of relationship and you will go places.

As Agile Manifesto states, “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.”

Create a working relationship with your product owner and reap the benefits.

All the best.

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