How To Promote Affiliate Products On Your Website

Promote Affiliate Products

Most online stores now offer affiliate programs. If you have a website with content that’s related to the items sold by the e-commerce websites, you can join their affiliate program and make some money promoting their products.

You’re only required to register after which you will use your affiliate link in your content to refer to their products. If your reader buys the product you recommended, you get a share of the sale.

This process can take many forms on blogs.

For instance, if you have a blog about mobile phone related topics. The readers of your blog will likely be planning to buy a phone or are considering buying one. In this case, why not write a really in-depth review of the phone you use? Writing relevant product reviews with a personal touch is a great way to boost the credibility of your reviews. Giving them your take on using the device, showing videos of it in action, giving details on its specs and why it’s such a great phone (and also, what you don’t like) is a great way to monetize your site.

You can pepper the article with affiliate links to purchase the phone and once they do you’ll get a commission for all that hard work.

Endorsing Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Anyone can sign up for an affiliate program, but becoming a successful affiliate requires that you learn from experimentation and experience.

There are several methods we recommend that you can use to promote affiliate products on your blog.

Review Posts

Review posts are one of the most effective methods of promoting affiliate products.

Every buyer wants to purchase a genuine item that is worth the amount the manufacturer is asking. Hence, modern shoppers take time to do their research on the items they intend to buy.

A good review post will introduce the product to the readers visiting your blog and give them a personal touch.

When writing a review, ensure that you are indeed writing a review and not a post to market the affiliate product. An honest product review will give you a higher conversion rate as compared to an advertising review.

Always give the advantages and disadvantages of all the products you review and try to write with authority. It shows you have adequate knowledge of the product and are confident in what you are writing.

We suggest using a personal tone when writing reviews, your visitors will be looking for personal recommendations.

To boost traffic, take advantage of the star ratings on the search engines. Using an author plugin like WP Review you can add star ratings to your blog post.

Use Sidebar Banners

Banners are an old tactic that still works quite well in promoting affiliate products.

You can use the banner and sidebar to promote an affiliate product but instead of linking this directly to the product, we recommend linking it to your review instead. Banners provide awareness, not value.

Placing banners at strategic positions will do wonders for your blog and website at large.

Creating Videos

Videos are a huge opportunity for presenting useful information to visitors while making money with affiliate marketing. Product review videos, how-to videos and product unboxing reviews rank highly for product related terms on Youtube and similar sites.

If you can do some product demonstrations alongside basic tutorials your videos will be a great tool for driving traffic back to your in-depth reviews. It can also be a platform to build exposure while providing readers with the information that they need.

You can be creative and use animations or screencasts to demonstrate how the particular product works but often amateur videos can be just as trustworthy if they’re executed well.

Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign is one of the common marketing tool used online.

Social media works best when the focus is on the content rather than the offer itself. Promoting affiliate links directly does not work on social media.

Writing blog posts about your product reviews, how-to guides and more can be effective in promoting on social media. It helps if there is an interesting hook to get people to click through.

Keeping up with the advancements in social platforms can be beneficial in the long run.

Using Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a crucial tool for promoting content. If you can optimise your blog post to rank well for a busy search term then the rewards can be excellent.

Organic traffic is free and consistent once you crack it.

Be aware though that organic search rankings may not be instant, it can take a wihle to rank for a busy search term. The key is to create something valuable that people will naturally pay attention to. If others are paying attention, so will google.

Use Coupon Codes

Money saving is the biggest marketing incentive. People have been trained that whenever an item on sale it’s a time to pounce on the offer.

“Item name + coupon” format searches are always on the rise and if you can provide a great deal for a product with a killer review you’ll be far ahead of your competition.

Remember, the primary goal as an affiliate marketer is to make the customer click your link; otherwise, the sale will not be counted as yours. Coupons are a great way to incentivize your audience to click on your link.

Use Of How-To Articles

Lastly, we suggest exploring in-depth how to articles. How-to content is great because it catches a visitor in the stage of solving a problem. This is an optimum time for suggesting a product that will solve that problem.

It involves you writing tutorial guide on how to use a product for solving a particular problem. The method mainly works for the products that require instructions and those that are too technical. These tutorials also rank well in search engines.

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