Why Good Affiliate Link Management Can Streamline Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Do you agree with this – ‘Time is money’? If yes, you should never ignore the potential of effective affiliate link management.

If you run affiliate marketing campaigns on a regular basis and promote a wide range of products, you really need to pay careful attention to affiliate link management.

There are several ways to promote affiliate products. You may use affiliate banners on your website or blog. You may also insert banners into your posts. Or you may put affiliate links in your posts. You can also promote affiliate products via email marketing.

If you’re using these channels, you need to streamline your entire campaign. And that’s exactly where affiliate link management can be of help.

An affiliate link manager can bring you multiple benefits. Since most of the things you do while marketing affiliate products over and again, it always makes sense to incorporate some automation into the process.

By automating these tasks, you can save yourself plenty of time which you can further use to focus on more important tasks. And time is money. That means putting an affiliate management system can make you even more money than you’re making right now.


Key Benefits of Using an Affiliate Link Manager

For many people, affiliate marketing is the main source of their income. There are online marketers that earn around 80% of their total income via marketing affiliate products of different types and categories.

Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • It helps you keep track of affiliate link clicks.
  • It helps you cloak the affiliate links so they look like internal links.
  • It helps you customize color, fonts and style of affiliate links.
  • It makes affiliate links shorter than they actually are.
  • It keeps you organised which is important for running affiliate marketing campaigns.

Good affiliate link management has the power to take your affiliate marketing to the next level. When you use an affiliate link manager, you’re well informed of those links that attract the most number of clicks. If you run a targeted affiliate campaign, an affiliate link manager can help you measure or analyze whether your efforts are headed in the right direction.

Affiliate Link Management Plugins & Software

If you do some research, you’ll come across a wide variety of affiliate managers – plugins and software programs. If you have a WordPress blog, it’s best to go for plugins to manage your affiliate links efficiently.

Before you choose to buy an affiliate manager or affiliate management plugin, you should never forget to have a closer look at all its features. Make sure your chosen plugin offers you everything that can make your task automated and easier.

Given below are a couple of quick questions that you can ask yourself before choosing an affiliate link manager:

  • Does it offer search-friendly link cloaking?
  • Does it have a good click tracking feature?
  • Does it come along with an easy-to-navigate interface?
  • Does it allow exporting of data for back-up purpose?
  • Does it include easy removal/editing of existing affiliate links?

It’s also a good idea to do some background research and find out what other users are saying about the affiliate link manager you plan to use. Recommendations from users and friends can help you make a well-informed decision.

However, this is a surety that using an affiliate link manager can quickly help you fine-tune your marketing efforts so that you can save plenty of time and start making more money. Just make sure you choose a plugin or software that fits in with your business requirements really well.

Do you use an affiliate link management plugin?

Please feel free to share your opinions, thoughts and tips in the comment section below. And of course, take a product tour to check out our affiliate link management plugin 🙂

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