The Shocking Truth About Affiliate Marketing Reviews

Affiliate marketing in reviews can be extremely effective. Because of the nature of a review in that you are recommending the reader to possibly purchase the item because of how you have outlined it’s good points, they are more likely to click through your links when they are presented to them.

Timing is very important here as you don’t want to tell them to click through too early, but by giving them the option to view somewhere to buy the product you are talking about, you’re more likely to send a pre-qualified lead to the business.

Pre-qualified visitors are more likely to convert on the other end when they click-through and see the option to buy.

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Writing Affiliate Marketing Reviews that Convert

The general process for affiliate marketing can be described in a few steps:

  1. Pick a product, service or business to promote
  2. Sign up for their affiliate program and download the special link required to send a visitor to them
  3. Promote their product/service on using your own marketing methods.
  4. Collect your commissions for sending pre-qualified leads that turn into sales

Reviews are great for step three because it's like a recommendation to people in your circle, the people who trust you most.

The third step is obviously the difficult part that most affiliate marketers struggle with. If you can nail the marketing of a product and pitch it to the right people however, it can be quite lucrative.

Reviews build trust, but trust enough for people to buy?

The short answer is yes. Reviews are possible one of the greatest weapons affiliate marketers can utilize for converting a visitor into a sale.

The amount of trust people automatically put on reviewers is palpable. But as mentioned before, you still need to set the scene, give and honest and up front review of the product, and then ask them for the sale by directing them through your links.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

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