What The ‘American Pickers’ Can Teach You About Affiliate Marketing

American PickersAs any red blooded male will tell you there's nothing like a TV show about “mantiques”.

In fact, my latest addiction is a show by the History Channel called “American Pickers”.

I'm sure most of you might be familiar with it already, but if you're not get familiar with it because it's a show that can teach you some serious lessons about affiliate marketing.

Lesson #1: It's all about connecting the right people with the right items

One thing that the pickers always say is that their job is about picking up items and connecting them with the right people. That's the basis for their business.

Affiliate marketing is much the same. Essentially we are the middle men that are finding the right items and introducing them to the right people.

If you're not doing this, it's time to reevaluate your affiliate business model. As affiliate marketers this is part of how we add value to a transaction.

Lesson #2: People are always willing to pay for value

Sales 101 is that selling is not about outlining features, it's about value. That's value to the customer, not value in your pocket.

If you can prove that a product or service will have value to someone, more than the price that it costs then you're onto a good thing.

To do this I recommend concentrating on demonstrating the benefits over the features.

Lesson #3: Every niche has it's enthusiasts

You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be someone out there that is passionate about pretty much any niche you can think of.

If the pickers can find someone that's passionate about kids lunch boxes from the 50's you can find someone that is passionate about whatever it is you're selling.

As with lesson 1, the trick is to attract the right people and connect those enthusiasts with the right products they'd be interested in.

Get Pickin'

Do you have any more tips from the American Pickers that you can drop on us? Leave a comment below!

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