How To Be Smart In A World Full Of Dumb Affiliates

In your quest for the best affiliate software you'll find there are loads of tools that you can make use of to further your campaigns and get more sales.

You might find yourself using keyword research tools such as Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool and Market Samurai, or advertising platforms like Adwords and Facebook Ads, and email marketing tools like MailChimp or Aweber.

But to find what the best of the best use you have to ask, “what tools do the smartest affiliates use?”

Tools for affiliate marketing

There are literally hundreds of tools professional affiliate marketers use. They range from email lists, to advertising networks and most importantly, websites.

Having a website to promote from is a very common tool for affiliate marketers.

If you run a website using the WordPress CMS you’re likely going to want a way to manage your affiliate links, that’s where our software comes in.

ThirstyAffiliates is a plugin for WordPress that adds the ability to manage your affiliate links and track clicks on them among other things.

We’re really passionate about providing the best tool for affiliates to do what they do best, marketing!

Best affiliate marketing

Tracking clicks as an affiliate

Knowing how many clicks you receive on your affiliate links can help you determine what your click through rate is.

The click through rate is how many out of the number of visitors that see your links actually click through the link to view the product/service on the other end.

Why performance measurement is important

Performance measurement as an affiliate can help you adjust your wording and how your present your affiliate links to the visitor in order to maximize the amount of click throughs you get.

It’s incredibly important to know how effective your efforts are as some times the smallest change can result in a big change in the amount of people who click through via your affiliate link (which in turn can result in more sales).

Best affiliate marketing tracking software

The software we recommend for tracking your affiliate marketing campaigns is actually using a combination of tools.

ThirstyAffiliates is the best way to track your affiliate links in WordPress and combining this with Google Analytics means you can retrieve very fine grained reports on what is working and what isn’t.

Knowing how your affiliate campaigns are tracking is very important for determining if the effort you are putting in is paying off. Without the ability to manage your affiliate links like ThirstyAffiliates provides you would be flying blind.

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