What Is The Best Way To Get More Clicks On Your Affiliate Links

Today we're going to discuss the best way to get more clicks on your affiliate links.

Now, I'm going to generalize a little bit here, so please forgive me if this doesn't apply 100% to your niche. Keep in mind that every website and every audience is different, but the following tip is a lot more universal than you might think and is great for people just starting to monetize their sites with affiliate marketing.

Getting More Clicks On Affiliate Links

How do you display your affiliate links to people?

Typically you'll see new affiliate marketers relying almost solely on banner ads because that is what the affiliate networks give them to play with.

There's a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Companies get free “brand” advertising when you display their banners. Even if they aren't clicked on they're still getting exposure and that repeat exposure to their brand is what makes banners worth it for companies.
  2. It's the most visible method of affiliate marketing and they're copying other people's strategies. That's why you see new blogs popping up with 8 * 125×125 pixel ad boxes in the sidebar even when they have no traffic yet.

I'm not saying that banners don't work. They do, otherwise they wouldn't exist. But for new affiliate marketers there is probably a better way.

A Better Way

The more effective way for someone new to affiliate marketing is to concentrate on building up content and traffic to their website and using text based affiliate links in their articles.

Using text based affiliate links actually embedded inside your regular blog posts encourages people to take your recommendation as a personal recommendation for that product/service.

There is an inherent trust factor when you drop a link inside a blog post where you are talking about and praising the product in question. It's kind of like evidence that the visitor should click through.

It's a fine balance though, so I recommend if you're new to affiliate marketing only drop a link once. It's more effective than loading up your posts with a dozen affiliate links.

So if you're new to affiliate marketing or you are a blogger considering affiliate marketing, give this strategy a try. It's a nice, non-invasive way of monetizing your website with affiliate marketing that will ensure you not only get more people clicking through but you'll get the right people clicking through too.

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Get More Clicks On Your Affiliate Links

  1. Well said, in text links have a high chance to get clicked. Another, way which works is product description and how to do articles.

    Thanks again for sharing the tip

  2. How do you stop people from going directly to the brand name you mention rather than clicking on the link? Or, do you write around the brand name, i.e., descriptive text rather than saying what the actual brand is?

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