Copywriting Power Words Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know

Affiliate marketing is all about persuasion. Power words give you the art of persuasion in something as short as a headline, and knowing just a few words can transform your marketing. 

Anyone who makes money online—writers, social media mavens, savvy marketers—must train themselves in power words. Copywriting is the voice of sales and conversions, and your job as a marketer is to hone that voice to perfection. 

Copywriting power words = conversions, and mastering just a few power words can mean the difference between a sale and an empty cart. In this post, we'll let you in on a few power words that will help your copy stand out no matter where you put it!

What Are Power Words?

Power words are words (and phrases) that elicit a response in your target audience. They're the words that will encourage action from your audience. Depending on how well you use them, these words can garner a specific emotion or response from even the most online-savvy customer.

Whether you realize it or not, you're used to power words. You see them on everything from your cereal boxes to your shopping bags. You see them in headlines and copy of all shapes and forms. In a headline that reads, “Your Mouth Will Drop When You See This Astounding Product,” for instance, Your and Astounding are power words. 

Who Are You Talking To?

All the content you create should be geared towards moving your target audience to a specific action. That means knowing your target audience. What do your customers believe in? What do they consistently align themselves with, and what moves them?

Speak to your audience in a comfortable (not cringy) way, and bring up emotional connections that will snag their interest. 

What moves your audience to action? Do they respond well to straightforward stats, or are they more interested in anecdotes and stories? Are they looking for a human connection? Or are they looking for the next cool thing, something modern, something new?

The way you approach your marketing copy should fit directly into what the audience is looking for, and the power words you choose should reflect that.

Power Words That Work for Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you're in a constant battle between two goals: Build trust and look knowledgeable. The right words will help you gain both without a ton of work.

Every word you write should be in the service of your readers. What are you trying to get them to do, and what benefit will they gain from it?

With all of that said, here's a small list of power words (there are a ton out there!) to start your copywriting journey:


  • Because
  • You
  • Free
  • Instantly
  • New

These are the five most persuasive words in the English language, and you should use them. They've been researched, tested, and proven to work. The success of these persuasive words is deeply rooted in psychology. Copyblogger has an excellent blog post on the effectiveness of these words and why they continuously deliver results.  


  • Authentic
  • Backed
  • Best-selling
  • Moneyback
  • Ironclad
  • No Obligation
  • No Strings Attached 

This word cluster is meant to make your reader feel safe. The words encourage trust in you, your brand, and whatever message you're sending.

As an affiliate marketer, your earliest goal is to create trust with a stranger. Choosing one of the words above for your testimonials, payment sections, and any form that requires information is in your best interest.


  • Exclusive
  • Insider
  • Members Only
  • Restricted
  • Invitation
  • Few
  • Only

This word cluster makes readers want to feel included. It's perfect for customers who want to feel special or need to belong. Anyone who finds joy and excitement at the thought of standing out (and don't we all?) is more likely to move when one of these words is included in your copy. 

Use these types of words for calls-to-actions, subheaders, and links.


  • Announcing
  • Now
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary 

These words generate excitement and are among those most likely to move your customer to action. Affiliate marketers can use them to snag a reader instantly, especially in headings and titles. 


  • Accessible
  • Simple
  • Effortless
  • Easy
  • Straight-forward

Words like accessible make your content seem more approachable. Knowing that your product is easy to use is a selling point for someone who doesn't have a lot of time on their hands or needs help with basic functionality. Use comparable words to convince leads that your downloads, guides, and videos are perfect for any level of experience.


There are so many more power words that you can learn and perfect in your affiliate marketing journey. Test out phrases as much as you can. What doesn't work in one area could prove to be a powerhouse in the next, and you won't know until you try. 

In your journey as an affiliate marketer, the words you choose can make or break you. Pick the right words to build trust and loyalty in your audience, and you'll go far.

Do you have any tried-and-true words that you use to encourage action? Let us know in the comments!

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