Evergreen Content For Fashion Bloggers: What You Need To Know

Content is everything. So it goes without saying that content writing is your primary work as a fashion blogger.

The main goal of content writing is traffic generation to your blog.

It is not difficult to get some traffic to your blog through social media but to generate traffic and maintain it for a long time you need to approach content in a long term manner.

That's where writing evergreen content comes in.

What is Evergreen Content Exactly?

Evergreen content is a kind of content that will remain fresh, relevant, clear, informative and up to date over an extended period of time.

For you to write evergreen content for your fashion blog, you must know what topics fashion enthusiasts love to hear about time and time again. Short term news pieces and comments on current trends aren't going to cut it.

In the online world, evergreen means that you could read the same content 2 years time and it will be just as relevant then as it is today.

Today we're going to go through a few methods you can use to research and create evergreen content and what to keep an eye out for when doing so.

Strategies For Creating Evergreen Content

The following are some of the ways through which you as a fashion blogger can create evergreen content without repeating what has already been written.

1. Keep A Diary

Ensure that you write down every idea that you get for writing new content for your blog. At the end of the month, you can sift through your ideas and find the pieces that have long term appeal.

2. Be Focused

Make sure that the content you write is highly relevant to your sub-niche. In fashion there are many different areas you can focus on, so keep your evergreen content relevant to the sub-niche you are trying to appeal to.

As a writer for a fashion blog, it is your responsibility to make sure that the content you write is focused on the target group. Even when giving examples, ensure that they will always return your reader to the topic.

3. Connect With Your Readers

As a fashion blogger, master the art of connecting interactively with your readers.

You readers are a treasure trove of content ideas. By analysing their questions and comments you can find what they're interested in hearing about.

4. Borrow Ideas

In point #2 above I suggested focusing on a sub-niche as being a good idea. This also means you can monitor other blogs in your broader niche and borrow ideas from their most successful articles.

Look for the articles that have lots of shares and comments and borrow the same concept to adapt it to your sub-niche.

You can even do this with articles that aren't in your niche at all, just rework the title to your niche and you have an instant content idea using a proven formula.

6. Compile & Reuse

Sometimes you might find that you have a lot of articles loosely based around one core theme. A great way to get more mileage from your content is to compile those articles into a longer form article.

You can even compile them into an e-book which is great for selling as a product or for use as bait to get email subscribers.

5. Monitor Keywords

Perhaps the most ‘techy' tip is to be aware of what keywords are providing traffic in your niche and write useful content surrounding those words.

As a fashion blogger, it's not your core focus, but you do need to be aware of how search engines pick up on the keywords you are mentioning and use those to rank your articles appropriately.

By paying closer attention to the keywords you are targeting you can turn a low traffic article into a high traffic article just by hitting on the right focus point.

It can also help to spot upcoming trends and the keywords people are using to search for those trends.

3 Important Points When Creating Evergreen Content For Fashion Blogs

To create an evergreen content for your fashion blog, it is paramount that you take note of the following:

What Is Hot In The Fashion Market Might Not Always Be Hot

Beware that what might be hot today in the fashion industry might not be hot in the next five years.

I know five years is a long time to come, but I want you to think about creating content for your blog that will provide valuable fashion information today and several years in the future.

For long term traffic you need to write content that is evergreen. If you master the art of writing this kind of content for your blog you will be steps ahead of your competition.


If you want your content to remain relevant for many years to come, then you should consider creating fashion content based on keywords.

Not so sure about what is the best keyword to write about? Use a keyword search tool.

SEO is a very deep hole, so I can't cover everything in this article. If you want to know more see this more in-depth piece we wrote a while back.

Always Optimise

Don't be afraid to adjust your evergreen content pieces to keep them relevant.

While the whole article might not need rewriting you might be able to adjust it to keep it up with the times.

It is possible for your blog content to remain evergreen years after you have published it. You just need to ensure that your content remains fresh and relevant as the day it was published.

The best kind of content that will continue to deliver value to visitors years down the track.

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