Influential Fashion Bloggers And What We Can Learn From Them

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Influential fashion bloggers have an uncommon ability to pump traffic to not only their own sites but also other people's website via their writing about fashion. They can be considered the voice of the modern fashion industry.

Their influence is mostly through their social media platforms and with this, they are able to engage with millions of followers who are hungry for the information.

Do you yearn to have the same sort of far reaching influence?

Influential bloggers have a set of common qualities: they have large fans, and a large number of friends and they have authority due to their popularity.

So how can you replicate some of their success, even if on a smaller scale?

The Most Influential Fashion Bloggers

In the fashion industry, some bloggers are more influential than others because their reputation stands out from the rest. Some of the factors that make fashion bloggers stand apart from others include the number of high-end fashion brands that they have worked for and the number of followers they have on various social media platforms.

  1. Chiara Ferragni
    An independent fashion blogger of The Blonde Salad. She started her fashion blog about five years ago, and she currently has 3.2 million followers on Instagram. She has been named an ambassador for various fashion products and has been a face of numerous fashion magazines.
  2. Aimee Song
    A fashion blogger of Song of Style who happens to be an influential fashion blogger currently has four million followers. She was among the first fashion bloggers and apart from blogging, she runs a number of fashion lines.
  3. Kristina Bazan
    She started her fashion blog, Kayture six years ago and she is the most influential fashion blogger in Switzerland. Kristina currently has over two million followers. She enjoys the largest number of Facebook fans as compared to other fashion bloggers. She is also an ambassador for several fashion products.
  4. Julia Engel
    She's a fashion, travel and beauty blogger of Gal Meets Glam has earned her spot at the top of the fashion industry. She has more than a half a million followers on YouTube.

How Influential Are Fashion Bloggers?

Fashion bloggers are more influential now than ever before. There are some rumours that bloggers have become more influential than printed press.

In the fashion industry, the majority of the bloggers are women, which to me is not surprising. It has also been found that a significant number of these women are mothers. They are respected because they are real women doing real things.

Many of these bloggers are able to reach specific markets that the clothing industry wants to reach and because of this, they are viewed as domain experts in their respective sub-niches.

How Fashion Bloggers Build & Engage Their Audience

There are different reasons as to why consumers engage with bloggers and some of them include:

  • Advice And Opinions

    With a vast knowledge about fashion, they are viewed as an up to date source on fashion trends. People like to engage with bloggers because they're on the front line. This puts them in a good position to point out products in order to profit from affiliate recommendations.

  • Giveaways

    A key tool used by many of them is to connect brands and consumers with giveaways. This is great for the company and also great for the blogger because it brings them more relevant visitors. The broader their audience the more chance they will be able to profit from recommendations in the future.

  • Perfect Research

    These influencers are known to do their research on a product before they comment about it. For this reason, consumers turn to them for trustworthy information when considering a purchase. According to recent research that what carried out, 40% of customers are influenced by bloggers which put the blogger in a great position for recommending products (especially in an affiliate arrangement where they can profit from the recommendation).

Lessons We Can Learn From These Bloggers

As fashion bloggers, we can take the following for ourselves:

  1. Unique Selling Point

    Bloggers can build close knit audiences (even if those audiences are numbered in the millions) by being trustworthy. In an industry like fashion, which is highly subjective, well-researched opinions are highly respected. A trusted blogger can make recommendations and profit from affiliate offers much more easily than someone that just writes what companies tell them to write.

  2. Network Is Most Important

    Having a blog doesn’t mean that you are the sole blogger in that niche. As a matter of fact, these influential bloggers share regularly and openly with other bloggers in the fashion industry. Through such interactions, you can be able to learn more.

  3. Content Is King

    Influential bloggers are obsessed with creating great content for their audience. To create outstanding content, you must do your research well, and the quality of your content will earn you recognition. It's only through great content that they are able to profit from their words and build a business.

  4. Take Great Sellable Photos

    Photos are a great selling point, especially in the fashion industry where perception is everything. A picture says a thousand words.

  5. Pick A Sub-Niche

    For you to rise to the top of any blogging niche, you must select a sub-niche in which you are comfortable with and can speak with authority on. Only you can you be viewed as an expert.

  6. Be Consistent  

    Top bloggers are ever single minded about what they are writing. They are consistent in creating great content for their readers. If we want to reach the top of the ladder, we must be consistent in our content too.

If you want to become an influential blogger, be it in the fashion niche or another niche, there are many lessons you can learn from the influential bloggers in your field.

Don't expect to become famous overnight but if you are patient and follow the above observations you can rise above the rabble. If you have a passion and want to educate your readers, they will pick up on it and follow you.

Having an audience that respects you means you will be in a much better position to profit from recommendations when it comes to affiliate marketing. It means your opinions are much more trusted so that when you do make a recommendation, it's followed.

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