Buy Side from WSJ Explained: Latest eCommerce Trends in 2022


If you’re part of the ecommerce world, especially if you're involved in affiliate marketing, you might have heard about Buy Side from WSJ. However, since this platform is fairly new, you may not know what it is or how it works.

The Wall Street Journal launched Buy Side to review various brands. Its goal is to eliminate pain points for busy consumers by researching products and services, thus helping them make informed purchases. On the business end, Buy Side promises to be a powerful example of affiliate marketing.

In this article, we'll go into more detail about Buy Side from WSJ, and discuss its influence in the digital marketing world. Let's get started!

An Introduction to Buy Side from WSJ

Buy Side from WSJ is an ecommerce platform that launched in June 2022. It's run separately from the Wall Street Journal news portal, and has its own website:

Buy Side homepage

Its primary focus is to review products and services that can improve the daily lives of its audience. These reviews are presented as informative listicles and blog posts:

Buy Side category examples

Unlike the news section of the Wall Street Journal, Buy Side is not limited by a paywall and can be accessed by everyone. This helps drive more traffic to the site and increase user engagement. It also provides more exposure for featured brands.

Since Buy Side earns a commission on some of its product recommendations, it makes sense to grant free access to its audience. However, its publishers claim that their goal is to save shoppers time and money, so revenue is not the primary motivator for posting helpful reviews.

The Buy Side team focuses on topics that its readers would be interested in, with reviews that include hands-on testing and rigorous research. This way, it can make sure that any products or services it recommends have been thoroughly vetted.

Why Buy Side Is a Powerful Example of Affiliate Marketing

Buy Side from WSJ is essentially a powerhouse affiliate operation that leverages the reach and influence of the Wall Street Journal name. It's a clever idea and an example of much-needed innovation in the newspaper industry, which has seen a staggering decline in popularity over the last few years.

The main product categories on Buy Side include:

  • Fashion
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • Finance
  • Gifts

Most of the reviews on Buy Side include affiliate links, which means the platform generates income from recommendations. Couple that with the large audience of the Wall Street Journal, and you have a sound business model.

There's a lesson to be learned here when it comes to building a reputation in affiliate marketing. Since part of your success relies on being a trusted authority, there may be times when you have to decide whether a product or company is something you truly want to recommend to your audience.

Promoting low-quality products might hinder your success. Readers will likely lose trust in you, which can lead to a significant drop in conversions and traffic.

How Buy Side Can Help Businesses

Getting reviewed on Buy Side can be incredibly valuable for businesses. Not only will it help boost sales and visibility, but being backed by a household name like the Wall Street Journal could add some real clout to lesser-known brands and small businesses:

Buy Side business suggestions

Buy Side from WSJ capitalizes on the referral market and leverages its reputation as an authoritative institution with over a century of history and influence. Therefore, the publication could become a major influencer in digital marketing.

Featured businesses will likely handle some of the marketing work for WSJ. Companies whose products are being recommended can easily share their reviews on Buy Side, driving traffic to the platform as well as their own sites. Likewise, Buy Side may help increase brand awareness for specific companies.


Affiliate marketing is an ever-changing and evolving industry. Buy Side from WSJ has a lot to teach us about website monetization and playing to your strengths. 

This growing platform publishes honest product reviews in different categories. It also generates commissions through its recommendations. However, it only features products that can be beneficial to its audience.

Do you have any questions about Buy Side from WSJ? Let us know in the comments section!

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