How to Make Your Affiliate Product Stand Out

With each new day, more and more people are joining the affiliate marketing platform with the sole purpose of earning an extra coin. The primary reason for this increase in affiliate marketers is because selling products as an affiliate is very flexible and you do not have to get out of your house if you have an internet connection.

The manufacturers too, in response to the increased number of affiliate marketers have created more affiliate programs. For this reason, as an affiliate marketer, you are likely to face stiff competition when it comes to attracting and retaining online clients to ensure you continue earning.

So, what would you do to make your affiliate products stand out from the pack? To begin with, you ought to make your product appealing. It must be one that will make any potential buyer to not only have a second look but also sign up to your website and become an affiliate or click on your link.

Posting Affiliate Products

One of the methods of making your affiliate products stand out is to do it the old fashioned way! Old is gold, they say. So, how are you going to achieve this? Send your affiliate products via postal mail to your clients.

You see, every affiliate marketer is directing their customers to buy the products from the merchant. It is easy that way yes, but everybody is doing it. The whole idea here is to surprise your customers to think that it is you, the producer of those products.

When you post your product to your customer, do not make it like any other package that arrives via the post, do it in an unexpected way. Send a postcard that has the images of the product that you are selling, when your customer receives the postcard, he will be eager to see the product.

Not everyone who uses the post sends a note with the images of the product on it, be creative and create a picture of yourself, a good image in that case.

Highlight Features Not Mentioned On Sales Page

You are not the only affiliate selling a product for that company, there are other affiliates too, and you are competing against them. Many affiliates rely on the information provided on the sales page of the company about a product that they are selling. You can out do your competitors by discovering the benefits and features of a particular product that are not highlighted on the company’s sales page.

How can you do this? The only fool proof way is to use the product yourself before you start selling it. The reason as to why you should use the product is that the company’s sales page info was written from the enterprise’s point of view.

If you can use the product, you are likely to come up with an entirely different aspect of the product that is not included on the sales page. There is a high possibility that you might come up with positive features about the product that are not found on the company’s sales page.

Through this process, you can find additional information about a product that your competitors are not aware, and you can use this information to your advantage.

For example, you are working for an affiliate about dog training kit, and in the company’s sales page they have indicated that the dog training will help the dog owner on a step by step power training techniques that will make the dog owner control his dog. You decide to buy the dog training kit and try it yourself on your dog, and you discover additional points like how you can train even the most difficult dog, how to overcome some setbacks while training a dog.

When you go selling the dog training kit, you will be able to convince your buyers more quickly as compared to your competitors that are working for the same company for you.

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Do not Limit Your Clients

When you are selling an affiliate product, you do not have to be limited by your affiliate company’s selling strategies. For example, if you the affiliate product you are selling is a software designed for a particular category of users like wholesale business or large scale farmers. The same software can be used by other users too, do not limit your customers to only those prescribed by your manufacturer.

Let us say an engineer finds the software and he contacts you, will you turn that client down because he is asking for software for a businessperson? What if he runs a business too and he needs that software? Or what if he wants to buy it for a friend?

Do not limit your affiliate product to only a few customers; your competitors are likely doing that. Expand your market, and you will be surprised by the results.

Offer Bonuses

When you sell a product, and you are providing a premium, ensure that the gift you are offering is like no one else in the market is offering. Make it blow the minds of your subscribers such that the price of the product is only a fraction of the total cost.

What? “How can I make a profit?” You might wonder. Well, if your bonus is like none other in the market, your customers are likely to inform their friends and relatives, and the total volume of sales will compensate for the bonus value.

If your bonus offer is the best, you can be sure of getting a lot of customers, and your revenues will go sky rocket high.

Don’t Promote Just Any Affiliate Product

Do you want to stand out as an affiliate? Do not just sell any product you come across; this is what every other affiliate marketer is doing. If you send promotional emails regularly, you are likely to annoy your clients by sending them affiliate links almost every day which might make your customers unsubscribe from your website.

However, if you can promote products only on a particular niche, and you send your clients affiliate links every now and again, they will not feel irritated with your emails about products. By doing this, you are likely to stand out as a responsible marketer from other affiliates who are sending promotional links every other day.

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