How To Make Great Video Product Reviews

Are you an affiliate marketer? A great product video is a fantastic way to promote your wares online hence increasing your income. Maybe you have not used a video before in your marketing strategies, or if you have, it has not produced the results you anticipated, that may be because there might be something you did not do right.

If you decide to use a video as your means of affiliate marketing, you need to make sure that your video is of high quality if you hope to reap from your product reviews. You can create a product review of a product and post it on your website, and it will attract numerous reviews which will, in turn, impact your product sale online.

If you intend to make a video product, then you need to understand a few things that will help you make a powerful video. In this article, we’ll share with you the information you need to start the course to become successful in doing video product reviews

Before You Start

  • Know the affiliate product you are selling inside out. To know a product, it goes without saying you need to buy the product first and use yourself. By so doing, you will know the pros and cons of the product, and this will help you give an honest review.
  • Make a script of the video so that you know what to say and when to say it
  • Be yourself, make your product review so natural that your customers can believe you
  • Be honest, if the product is not as great, do not waste your time discussing it. If you sell one bad product, you are likely to ruin your online reputation as a marketer.
  • Be presentable. When making a video product review, don’t wear clothes that have big prints. People should be able to see you and not your outfit.

Are you ready to learn? Here are some tips on how to make a great video product review.

Video Reviews


To make a great video product, you will need a good quality video camera for recording. Of course, it isn't enough to just have a powerful camera. You should also be sufficiently knowledgeable of all its features and settings, and not just starting the camera and adjusting the light while recording.

If you are making your video at night, you will be required to adjust some functions like the light in the room such that there is enough light so that your facial features are clearly visible.

You will also require a good microphone for voice recording. Additionally, you will need a cable to connect your camera to your computer from where you can upload your video to your website.


To make a great video product review, you will need a well-written script that has all the details of what you are going to record. The reason why you need a script is, if you just start recording without knowing exactly what you will want your customers to know, you will end up doing a poor video that will never achieve the desired results.

Once you have your script ready, it will be good for you to go through the details of the product that you are going to market to familiarise yourself with all the details. This also gives you more insight into the style and order in which you are going to deliver your information.

If your script is too long to be recorded all at once, then it will be advisable to record small clips so you can put it all together in the editing process.


If you want to make a high-quality and professional video product, you must use good editing software. There are several good editing software out there that you can choose from and choose the one that you will be comfortable working with. Some of the best editing software include Adobe Movie Maker or Microsoft movie maker.

If you recorded several small clips, you would need to join them together into one session. After you have finished editing your product review video, you will need to add one final component, add a great and captivating title, and a final slide that contains your contact details and your affiliate marketing link.

You can also include an opt-in box near your video product if possible. Customers love honest product reviews, and once your video convinces them, they will want to know how to get them. You can make the whole process easier for them by giving them somewhere to opt into your link in your video. With the technological improvement, it is now possible to make your video review on a page with an opt box below your video.

You can make your video product review better by including a share button and comments box below your video so that your viewers can either share your video on their social media platforms and can leave a comment about your affiliate product.


Before you upload your video to your website or YouTube, review the whole video product to be sure that it contains all the information that you had on your script.

You can also let your friends and family go through the entire video production and see if there is any area that needs to be corrected. If they make any recommendations, do not ignore their criticism, take it positively and make any improvements that require being made.

Once you are satisfied with the video product review, you are ready to upload it to your website or video sharing website like YouTube to start doing reviews and generating affiliate sales.

Have fun!

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