Why You Should Promote NEW Affiliate Products!

Till now, you have gone through many different types of articles on this blog about making lots of money by promoting affiliate products. We talked about how to choose an affiliate program. In one of our last posts, we also discussed the secrets of selling more affiliate products. If you have spent good time in the affiliate marketing arena, you may also have good ideas on how to choose the right affiliate products to promote so you make more sales.

Many affiliate marketers fail to make a cut because they either choose too few or too many products to promote.

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No matter what affiliate platform you join, you’ll find tens of thousands of products to choose from. Before you pick products to promote, you consider important points like relevance, quality, audience, popularity and the commission percentage for each sale among others. Unless you are able to select the best products to promote, you can’t expect to increase your earning potential. You may have all these at the back of your mind.

But, there’s one more idea – NEW affiliate products.

Any affiliate products marketplace has already tens of thousands of affiliate products. For example, ClickBank features a wide range of products from as many as 10,000 vendors. There are thousands of products in almost every niche that you choose there. More and more products are being added to the platform every day. Many affiliate marketers that are turning vendors further add to the already-growing list of digital products. Therefore, it simply becomes overwhelming to choose those products that suit your audience the best and sell more.

However, NEW affiliate products that were recently added to an affiliate marketplace like ClickBank might offer you an excellent opportunity to realize the hidden potential that they may contain.

Promoting new or recently added affiliate products to a marketplace can prove to be a good idea because you’ll be among the first few to promote it. There will be much less competition than you face while promoting other products that are widely distributed and more popular. Less competition, therefore, promises you to sell more and earn more commission.

Thankfully, ClickBank offers you a special search tool. Most of the affiliate marketers overlook this search filter or they miss out on the idea of choosing new affiliate products to promote completely.

If you’re a ClickBank affiliate, follow these steps –

Go to the Find Products search box.
Click the Advanced Search button.
Scroll down to Vendor Activation Date section.

As soon as you go to the ‘Vendor Activation Date’ section, you are provided with three date options – before, after and between. If you choose ‘between’, you can enter a date range within which you want to find the activated products. Likewise, you can look for those affiliate products that were added to the ClickBank marketplace ‘before’ or ‘after’ a certain date. So, it becomes easy to search those products that were recently added.

You can then analyze the newly added products and select from among them to promote on your website or blog or though an email list. Remember, your target audience is always hungry for trying new products. With the changing needs of your customers, the demands for new products grow as well. Promoting new products to your audience can be an excellent idea to cash in on an opportunity that not many affiliate marketers will get.

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