Are You Promoting ‘Too Few’ or ‘Too Many’ Affiliate Products?

I’m sure you have heard about several affiliate marketers earning a six-figure or seven-figure income online. There’s no doubt at all that affiliate marketing is a proven, time-tested technique to make money on the web. But like other areas of the internet or online marketing, affiliate marketing too is full of pitfalls. If you are desperate or lack adequate knowledge, you are prone to making mistakes and losing your valuable time.affiliate-products Promoting

While niche market research and testing affiliate products are important, there’s one more problem or mistake that you need to avoid.

I have met with a lot of online marketers who fail with affiliate marketing badly because they are promoting either too few affiliate products or too many of them. This is something that you need to avoid at all cost.

Too Few Affiliate Products
It’s advisable to start small, as an affiliate marketer. But as your site grows in terms of readership or traffic, you need to choose a couple of really good niche products and promote them to your target audience.

If you continue to promote only one or two affiliate products, it doesn’t go down too well with any audience.

Ask me why?

When you are promoting only one or two specific niche products, you send a wrong signal to your audience. Your target audience starts to think that you are forcing them to buy the same products, without giving them enough options or something new or useful. So, they get a strong reason not to return to your site the next time. That’s why you should never promote too few affiliate products.

As a great affiliate marketer, you must remember to give your target audience several alternatives or buying options.

Too Many Affiliate Products
When you are desperate to make a lot of money from affiliate marketing, the biggest mistake you can make is that you’ll start to promote as many niche products as possible. If you think ‘the more affiliate products you promote, the more profit you’ll make’, you are in the wrong boat.

The minus side of promoting too many affiliate products is that it will leave you the least time for each product. This will certainly reduce strength of the promotional campaign that you need to launch for each of your chosen niche affiliate products. Second, offering too many products to an audience simply makes it confusing to make a choice or buying decision.

There are a lot of online marketers who are making the mistake of promoting too many affiliate products.

You shouldn’t be one of them.

Promoting too many affiliate products is as big a mistake as promoting too few affiliate products. The best idea is to strike the right balance between the two and choose just enough products that you can promote efficiently. Also you should select those niche products on the basis of their usefulness.

Stop making mistakes that can easily ruin your reputation as an online or affiliate marketer. Think carefully and make wise decisions.

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