How Relevancy Can Help You Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Not getting quite the performance you hoped out of your affiliate marketing efforts?

Maybe you need to look at how and what you're promoting.

Today we want to talk about relevancy and how being more relevant to your audience can help skyrocket your commissions.

Why Relevancy Is Important In Affiliate Marketing

One of the biggest problems affiliates strike is that they have a great website, they're some traction and interested readers, but they aren't getting much in the way of affiliate commissions.

Quite often the problem leads back to relevancy.

Relevancy is all about matching the right products with the right audience.

Example Of Why Relevancy Is Important

Imagine that I have a blog about travel and vagabonding.

Everything is coming along nicely with the site, traffic is on the up and up and I'm really starting to build a loyal following.

All these things are great indicators of an active community and a website that is seeing some success: it's time to monetize.

When monetizing a website like this, I want to make sure I am providing offers that my readers are interested in.

If I show them banners of iPods and perfume, what do you think will happen?

Chances are that I would get very few clicks on those ads and I'd probably end up thinking this whole affiliate marketing thing is a scam.

Really, it's just that the offer is wrong.

Making sure that the offers you expose your audience to are highly targeted to their interest is the key to monetizing well with affiliate marketing.

If I was to link to books on travel, luggage and other great travel related products instead I would certainly start to see an increase in interest from my audience.

Once you match the appropriate offer with your audience, the sales won't be too far behind.

A Great Way To Conceptualize Relevancy

Relevancy in Affiliate MarketingThe picture on the right indicates exactly the sweet spot for relevancy crossover.

That is the crossover between the topic you're writing about and what products or services you are promoting to them.

As affiliate marketers, our aim should be to make the space between these two circles as big as possible thereby increasing the relevancy of the affiliate offer with the topic (and therefore the interest of the visitor).

A high crossover between the topic and the offer is where you will find the sweet spot and the more you can hit that sweet spot in your promotions to your audience, the better your conversion rates will be.

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