What Specific Mediums Work Best For Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is a very popular monetization strategy employed by thousands of people around the world in different spheres of business.

Many people go into affiliate marketing because of the high success rate of those already in it.

Another reason is due to the large number of affiliate merchants, and advertisers willing to pay to acquire new customers.

There are several mediums or methods or strategies that can be used to generate traffic and sales.

Your success as an affiliate marketer depends on several factors, such as your chosen niche, your target audience, and even the economy.

The method you use could be successful for you based on these factors, or it could fail for you and succeed for another affiliate marketer.

Some of the most popular mediums for affiliate marketing are:

Content Marketing

This is a form of affiliate marketing where you create content for your blog or website.

Content marketing is time-intensive but can be very rewarding. It does require a lot of effort to produce but the content is critical for affiliate success.

Content marketing is a long-term affiliate marketing strategy.

It's a great way to bring targeted traffic to your site from search engines.

Search engine traffic generates more conversions than other sources of traffic for affiliate marketers.

So while it can be hard to create quality content, this constraint means this marketing medium is lower in competition than you might expect. It's also very lucrative for affiliate marketers who stick with it.

Once your blog or website becomes established, you will have a huge back catalogue of work that makes you money on autopilot.

Product Reviews

A popular medium for affiliate marketing is the humble product review.

People even make whole websites focusing on providing reviews on the products their niche is interested in.

Product reviews are done for both physical and digital affiliate products and services.

Affiliate marketers who write product reviews are expected to actually use that product or service before writing a review so that they remain honest in their reviews and do not mislead the customers.

Don't think that false reviews can get you more customers and be easier to produce. False reviews will leave you without visitors. People (and Google for that matter) can see right through it.

Banner Ads And Clickable Images

Banner ads and clickable images are often thought to be the same thing by customers, but to affiliates and their partners, these are different based on their commissions for each medium of affiliate marketing.

Banner ads are an old method of promoting affiliate products, where you can place ads on your page for customers to see.

Clickable images are pictures that are embedded with links that you click on and are redirected to a merchant’s page to make your purchase.

Banner ads and clickable images are affiliate marketing methods that do not necessarily require text.


Affiliate marketers can promote coupons and couponing for profit as well. Coupon companies pay affiliates to promote their coupons to a specific target audience. This audience comprises people who prefer to buy certain products and services, i.e. products and services sold at discount rates.

The aim is to get as many people as possible to get the coupons and make purchases.

For the affiliate marketer, coupons provide a great incentive for clicking on a link.

Email Marketing

Using emails is one of the best mediums of affiliate marketing. It gives you a better chance of engaging with your customers and getting to know them better.

Using promotions, newsletters, or contests, you can use opt-in forms or popups on your blog or website so as to get visitors to sign up.

Once you get their email addresses, you can continue the conversation with them over time.

Social Media

As an affiliate marketer, you need to be using social media platforms to promote yourself and website.

This is because social media is now the most vibrant sector on the internet, and its use and reach is still growing.

Using hashtags expands your audience, increasing the number of people you reach with your post.

Creating a Facebook page is a great way to promote your products or services on that social media platform.

Use catchy pictures on Instagram and provide links to your blog.

Focus, Dominate & Always Test

All these mediums are great for affiliate marketing: but we recommend focusing hard on just one or two and dominating that channel.

If you are promoting across different mediums, it would be wise to switch up the content. Keeping it fresh and interesting is key but.

For example, if you write a product review on your blog, and you want to post on your Facebook page to, you could open with a testimonial instead.

Affiliate marketing methods are wide and varied. You need to test which methods will fit your audience.

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