Video Product Reviews: Are They Worth It?

As of today, 37% of online advertising is in the form of videos. Since the invention of video advertising, video product reviews are the easiest and most efficient way of reaching a broad range of customers and influencing them to buy your product.

Currently, affiliate sales through video product reviews have surged and are increasing because it quickly affects the viewer with the information about the product by helping the audience to make a decision fast. Hence you have every reason to invest in video product review, and for you to enjoy the benefits, you must do it right.

The key reason as to why you should use video product reviews in your affiliate marketing is because it sells. According to studies, 72% of the customers opt to buy a product or service when they see a product review video because they can make a decision quicker based on the information given in the video. Once a client views a product review video, he/she has a better understanding of the product or service being advertised hence they are likely to make a decision for or against the product or service.

Importance Of Using A Video Product Review In Your Affiliate Marketing Program

  1. Your customers are likely to share your product review video with their friends and family hence increasing your sales.
  2. Product review video helps to give a consistent message about a product to all your viewers.
  3. Online product review videos have a possible rapid growth rate hence increasing your potential online sales.
  4. With the video, you can animate your product or service making it have more effect making an impression on the customers.
  5. You can educate your clients on how to use the product.
  6. Product review videos can engage the emotions of the viewer.

Video Product Reviews

They Also Improve Internet Presence

Video product review for affiliate marketing is one of the greatest channels of improving your internet affiliate presence in the web search engines.

Hosting your affiliate product video on the internet increases the number of keywords that will lead potential customers to your website. When you make your product review video, ensure that the keyword you use for your video that will target and possibly shoot to the internet roof in the niche in which you have specialised. Your web presence will not only increase your ranking but also your product will be discovered by the customers.

Video product review is an integral marketing strategy that will increase your affiliate marketing.

Product Demonstration

Another great use of product review videos is product demonstration. In your video, you can show your customers how to use your product. When a customer understands how a product works, they are likely to purchase the product because they understand how it will help them go about it without a hitch.

When making a product review video, ensure that your video shows your product from all angles and then describe your product in full detail stating all the unique features of your product. This is just another way to make your product attain the market success that you have not known before.

You can also opt to have some of your customers send in their videos using the product and then relate their experience from using the product to you. By so doing, other clients will be motivated to want to use the product hence your sales will increase.

Remember, your videos can have extreme value to your clients if they entertain and educate the customer. This can appeal to a significant number of potential customers when they see a product that will help them in their day to day life.

Customer Testimonials

It is important to show your customers how to use your product, but it is equally important that you showcase how you is superior to other individuals who are offering the same product or service as you.

Customer testimonials in your product review videos are a powerful tool of swaying potential clients towards your affiliate product. By including real customers in your product video telling how they have benefited from using your product or service will show others how you stand apart from the pack and you are at the top of affiliate marketing.

In your product review video, when customers give their personal experience from using your product/service, the other viewers will be impressed that you are not new to doing what you are doing and it will make the other potential buyers to try your product and hence increasing your sales.

Increases Conversion Rates

The great thing about product review videos is that many customers prefer to watch rather than to read, just compare the number of times you have read the newspaper rather than watching the news.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, then a product review video is worth a thousand sales. As more and more viewers see your videos, it will significantly increase your sales rates.


Product review videos are the way to go for affiliate marketing. Not only has product review video been proven to be successful in increasing product coverage, website traffic and ranking but also sales conversion rate is high. As a matter of fact, one product view means more conversion for you. For example, one review can boost your conversion by 10% and 200 views can increase your conversion up to 44%. To achieve this, you must do justice on your product review by being as natural and honest as you can without being biased.

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