Google Click Tracking add-on is now compatible with Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics ThirstyAffiliates Google Click Tracking AddonBack in early April Google announced to the world that their new Universal Analytics platform is out of beta and ready for primetime.

With that in mind we've been upgrading our Google Click Tracking add-on to use Universal Analytics by default straight out of the box.

Since all new GA profiles will be using Universal (analytics.js) rather than the now legacy ga.js, we felt it better to make this the default mode for Google Click Tracking going forward.

Of course we've also made the add-on 100% backwards compatible too.

It supports new users to Google Analytics who are on Universal by default, those who upgraded to Universal from their old Legacy profiles and those who need to stick with Legacy support for a little while longer because they're holding off for whatever reason.

Click through to read more about the Google Click Tracking Add-on and let us know what you think about Google's move to Universal Analytics in the comments below.

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