How to do affiliate marketing like the experts

So you've heard about this affiliate marketing thing hey? Well, this article will give you the basics of how to do affiliate marketing to not only make money but also set yourself up for future profits.

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing works by an arrangement or contract between a person (or company) and a business selling products and services.

The arrangement outlines how much the affiliate will receive on bringing a successful sale to the business.

Once an affiliate introduces a customer to the business and they make a successful sale, the affiliate is given their commission.

Usually, in online scenarios, this commission will build up in the affiliate’s account with the business and they will receive a payout at the start of the next month for the previous month’s efforts. Sometimes there is a minimum payout level which the affiliate must earn before funds are given out.

how to do affiliate marketing

Affiliate program basics you should know

Affiliate programs are schemes setup by businesses to have people help them promote their products and services by providing a revenue split with the affiliate when they bring a customer to the business that buys something.

Affiliate programs work by sending a predetermined percentage of the proceeds of any sales to the affiliate when the customer buys something from them.

The company installs a tracking system that records where their visitors come from, this is usually done by providing the affiliate a special code to apply to their links.

When the customer clicks on the affiliate’s link the code is activated in the tracking system to record where the customer came from. If the customer then goes on to complete a purchase, the affiliate is credited with providing the sale and shares in the revenue.

Some affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Beginners to affiliate marketing shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. All great affiliate marketers in the industry constantly experiment with the campaigns they are running.

Some of the things you need to get right are:

  • Your website – get a good design and make it look legitimate and professional
  • Narrow down on the type of people you want to attract to your sales funnel
  • Determine what types of products match your audience
  • And start building an email list so you can contact prospects many times over

Never stop experimenting

One of the big lessons we push here on the blog is that you should never stop experimenting and testing things with your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Even the biggest affiliate marketers in the world who make hundreds of thousands of dollars experiment with their campaigns every day to learn what works and what doesn't. If you fail at first, don't worry. Just pick yourself up and realise that there is a lesson in every failure. Take what you can learn from that and move on to your next experiment.

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