4 Most Profitable Blog Niches

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Blogging can be a great way to break into the world of ecommerce. However, it can be challenging to start making a profit, especially when there's so much competition out there.

Choosing a profitable blog niche can make a world of difference. When you capitalize on previous experience in any of the most in-demand specialties, such as food or travel, you'll likely boost your chances at success.

In this article, we'll introduce you to blog niches. Then, we'll show you exactly why you need one and list four good niches for turning a profit. Let's get to it!

An Introduction to Blog Niches (and Why They're Essential)

Simply put, a niche is a particular segment of a market or industry. Therefore, a ‘blog niche' refers to a site's unique corner of the blogosphere.

Good niches allow you to focus your content and attract a more specific audience. Alongside improved retention rates, a suitable niche can help you achieve better targeted marketing.

Furthermore, when you develop your knowledge in a specific topic, you'll likely become an expert in that area. This can establish your authority, making readers more likely to trust your content and seek out your recommendations.

In a nutshell, when you decide to appeal to a specific group of high-converting readers, this can lead to more views and profit. You can use a variety of different strategies to capitalize on this expertise. For instance, you can advertise affiliate products or sell online courses.

Still, selecting blog niches can be difficult. Unfortunately, writing about something you love won't always translate to income. If you're passionate about a subject, that's a great start. However, you'll also need to consider profitability, competition, and skill.

4 Most Profitable Blog Niches

Now that we've covered the importance of good niches, we're going to talk about the most profitable options. Some of the latest statistics from RankIQ show that the top four options are food, personal finance, lifestyle/mom, and travel. Let's take a closer look at the potential for each of these topics.

1. Food

Food blogging centers around everything culinary. From recipes to restaurant reviews, the audience for food blogs is enormous. In fact, nearly 47 percent of millennials in the U.S. and Canada get their meal inspiration from food blogs.

What's more, there's no shortage of sub-niches. For instance, you could make a blog focused on international cuisine, event ideas, or meals for university students.

There are upsides and downsides to food blogging in terms of profit. On the one hand, people generally expect to be able to view recipes on a blog for free, making paid alternatives or ebooks a hard sell.

However, there is abundant opportunity for advertising or affiliate marketing through advertisements. Potential partnerships might include selling meal kits, cookware, and cleaning supplies.

For example, Iowa Girl Eats shares healthy gluten-free recipes, occupying a strong sub-niche:

Iowa Girl Eats blog is in the food blog niche

This site immediately presents you with a mailing list sign-up that highlights a free recipes incentive. It also contains advertising, paid ebooks, affiliate links, and an online store.

2. Personal Finance

A large percentage of people around the world are worried about their financial futures. That's why personal finance blogs are always in demand.

However, since this is a high-stakes topic, users will likely expect you to have some expertise in the field. This means that not just anyone can launch a successful finance blog. An authoritative voice is essential.

Still, assuming that you have the practical knowledge, you could talk about anything from money-saving tips and budgeting to investing and mortgages. Moreover, depending on your niche, you might be appealing to high-income readers. That could make this blog niche a particularly profitable choice.

One great way to monetize a personal finance blog is by selling your advice. Therefore, offering online courses and ebooks alongside affiliate products can be highly lucrative.

The rich & REGULAR blog aims to inspire “better conversations about money”:

rich & Regular crosses several blog niches including finance and the African-American experience

It focuses on the African-American experience, which is another excellent sub-niche. The couple that runs this blog also has a YouTube channel, a book, and a podcast.

3. Lifestyle/Mommy

With a vast potential audience, mommy blogs are some of the most popular sites. From tips on nutrition and education to caring and play, there is a wide variety of sub-niches and topics you can explore.

Parenting is also the perfect niche for those who want a blog that can cross over into other genres, such as lifestyle, food, relationships, or finance. This wide variety of subjects makes monetization easy.

Potential affiliate marketing partnerships might include toys, clothing, baby supplies, and child care. You could even partner with craft manufacturers, do step-by-step tutorials, or offer advice via courses, ebooks, or podcasts.

One excellent example is the Kelle Hampton blog. It tells the story of a family of seven in Naples, Florida:

Kelle Hampton crosses several blog niches with parenting being her broad specialty

Hampton wrote a highly personal book, but where the blog excels is with affiliate links. Listicles allow Hampton to feature tons of relevant products, gaining a commission on any sales. The blog also offers paid advertising and partners with many brands.

To use affiliate links in your blog posts, we recommend our ThirstyAffiliates plugin. It allows website owners and bloggers to add, manage, and easily insert affiliate links into posts and pages. Moreover, it can help protect you from affiliate fraud.

4. Travel

If you love discovering new places, the travel blog niche may be for you. This niche also has plenty of opportunities for sub-niches and crossover appeal.

For example, a travel blog could naturally incorporate content about international fashion, cuisine, or music. That means restaurants, festivals, and concerts are all fair game. This genre does exceptionally well on social media, provided that you take quality photos. 

In addition to direct advertising, there's excellent potential for affiliate marketing. Along with vacation packages and bookings, you can also market durable clothing, luggage, rental cars, travel guides, and other services. 

The Poor Traveler targets readers on a budget, offering free tips and guides. This successful travel blog also has a significant social media presence:

The Poor Traveler crosses several blog niches

The Poor Traveler features prominent advertising and sells social media promotions. It also uses other forms of partnerships such as brand collaborations and affiliate marketing.

The blog's creators even posted a guide explaining what they do to earn money. This is a great resource if you are hoping to get started as a travel blogger.


While many blogs are solely for fun, you'll need to be strategic if you want to turn a profit. Choosing a good niche and directly targeting specific audiences can help you build a loyal following. What's more, as you become an authority, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue.

To recap, here are the four most profitable blog niches:

  1. Food: This is a fun and popular niche, but selling the right products is vital.
  2. Personal finance: Big profits are possible with this niche; however, expertise is required.
  3. Lifestyle/mommy: This type of blog has a huge potential for audience and partnerships.
  4. Travel: This is another fun niche that does particularly well on social media.

Do you have any questions about how to get your blog up and running? Ask us in the comments section below!

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