Welcome To Our New Look Website (Plus An Announcement You’re Not Gonna Want To Miss)

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Management Plugin For WordPressAnnouncementHi everyone, Blair here, the owner of ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin.

New Website

Firstly, welcome to our new site! Do you like the look of it? We've been slaving away for hours to update look of our website and breathe a bit of fresh life into the home of our wonderful plugin.

ThirstyAffiliates has just passed two years old and this is the first major website update since we started back in 2011. The old site served us well and brought us many of the users we've come to cherish, but we're hoping this new site will open up some new doors as well.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

The Big Announcement

Besides doing a mini celebration dance for the official launch of Version 2.2 of ThirstyAffiliates there's something even bigger happening at the same time.

Customers and affiliates have been in the know for a little while that we were going to be making some changes to the way we sell the ThirstyAffiliates plugin and today I can finally share the news with the wider affiliate marketing community.

We're proud to announce that our plugin is now available on the WordPress.org Plugin's repository. You can download the core plugin, completely unlimited and unrestricted, for free right here.

It's a big move, but we can see huge potential in the freedom this brings us.

Previously we sold ThirstyAffiliates bundled in different packages to suit different user needs. We're still catering for everyone's needs but in a new way.

More Functionality, More Add-ons

We've always kept our core set of functionality based in the core plugin and extended functionality provided via a few small add-ons. Now we're going to take this idea to the next level.

We started off with three add-ons that were available in the old packages, the Importer is going away for a little while to be reborn later and our super popular Autolinker and Stats add-ons are still available for purchase.

I'm also really happy to introduce two new add-ons which many of you have been asking about for some time:

Special Launch Coupon Code

To continue the celebrations I'm happy to share that until the 15th August, 2013 you can use the coupon code “LAUNCH20” (without the quotes) to get 20% off our new add-ons.

Now that's something worth celebrating.

So if you've been on the fence about getting ThirstyAffiliates, you can now use our fully featured and much praised plugin by downloading it from WordPress.org.

If you're looking to really turbo charge your income and take your affiliate marketing to the next level, don't be shy, grab yourself a copy of our fantastic add-ons while we're running the launch.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome To Our New Look Website (Plus An Announcement You’re Not Gonna Want To Miss)

  1. Seems like you guys had moved to freemium model. As a customer, I feel disappointed at first knowing this since we had to pay for the plugin before this and the statistics add-on was given away for free. With this new model, I can see from the pricing page that the statistics add-on alone cost the same price we had to pay for the plugin before this.

    However, seeing many big names such as WooCommerce and EDD using this same model, I’m pretty sure you guys know what you’re doing. Good luck.

    ps: Autolinker add-on looks great, hope to grab that soon. The Geolocation add-on is one of a kind plugin, great concept. Never thought of using different affiliate link based on location before this.

    1. Hey Rudd,

      Thanks for the feedback mate. Yes it’s a bit of a change around. We’ve kind of flipped it on it’s head, but the whole reasoning behind this is to offer our customers the ability to extend ThirstyAffiliates even further in the future. Under the old model this was just not as practical.

      We’re aiming to offer the best core solution on WordPress.org for affiliate link management and by having our add-ons separate we can cater for everyone’s individual needs instead of just lumping it into one package. We had a lot of feedback about the old packages being too restrictive when people didn’t require certain add-ons and had to pay for them anyway.

      You’re right about our inspiration though, we saw the WooCommerce model and though it would dovetail nicely with what we were wanting to do.


  2. I noticed that with the new website and new business model comes a new refund policy. The old version of the site noted a 60 day refund policy. The new version of the site notes that the add-ons are “downloadable software and we do not offer refunds”. I have two questions related to the new policy:

    1. As someone who purchased 45 days ago—still within the “60 day satisfaction guarantee” of the old terms—could you clarify that the old policy still stands while I’m in my 60 day window?

    2. Will anyone who purchased the Standard option within the previous 60 days receive an automatic refund or do they need to request a refund? The Standard option only included the now-free core plugin.



    1. Hey Jay,

      Thanks for the note mate and both valid questions.

      If you purchased under the old packages you’re certainly still welcome to a refund within the 60 day period. I don’t want to go back on my word for this.

      Secondly, as has always been, anyone who wishes to receive a refund and is within the 60 day period can do so, all the have to do is ask.

      The move to the new policy was a tough decision for me to make, but as it stands under the new business model the only thing we sell are upgrades to the core plugin which is now free. The chances of a refund occurring are much slimmer, but of course if there are serious integration issues or problems that cannot be resolved we have that as one of our options which is why the policy states:

      “With the above in mind, if you have an issue or have found a confirmed software bug, and it cannot be solved by our support staff or development team, we will work with you personally to find a mutually agreeable solution.”

      1. I do appreciate your response, and honoring the 60 day period. Thank you.

      2. Hey Jay,

        No worries at all mate, I very much appreciate the honesty and the constructive thoughts.

        I do read and respond to all comments, queries, emails and anything that goes on in the “world of ThirstyAffiliates”. I’m basically the guy behind 90% of what goes on here, so if you every have any questions at all feel free to email me directly josh@thirstyaffiliates.com.


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