What is your affiliate marketing strategy?

Affiliate marketing is most prevalent on the web, and affiliate marketers play a significant role in many company’s online marketing strategies.

If you're planning on running an affiliate marketing campaign for a product you need to approach it with the right affiliate marketing strategy and the right tools.

Tools to help your affiliate marketing

There are numerous piece of software that you can make use of as an affiliate including the tool we provide, ThirstyAffiliates.

We recommend using WordPress as your website content management system because of it’s ease of use.

Other software you might find yourself using as an affiliate can be keyword research tools such as Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool, advertising platforms like Adwords and Facebook Ads, and many many more.

affiliate marketing strategy

Tracking clicks as an affiliate

Knowing how many clicks you receive on your affiliate links can help you determine what your click through rate is.

The click through rate is how many out of the number of visitors that see your links actually click through the link to view the product/service on the other end.

Why performance measurement is important

Performance measurement as an affiliate can help you adjust your wording and how your present your affiliate links to the visitor in order to maximize the amount of click throughs you get.

It’s incredibly important to know how effective your efforts are as some times the smallest change can result in a big change in the amount of people who click through via your affiliate link (which in turn can result in more sales).

Strategy for affiliate marketing

Having a strategy for doing your affiliate marketing is very important, otherwise it can be a bit like shouting into the wind.

Matching the right visitors up with the right products is part and parcel of our job as affiliate marketers.

Think about what kind of traffic is visiting viewing the links you’re publishing and see if you can bring more relevant people to that page.

At the end of the day, people are buying products on your recommendation and if you want to convert visitors into customers of that product or service you’re going to want to be talking to the right people.

The best strategy tip I can give for affiliate marketing is that you need to ensure your traffic is pre-qualified, this means the people clicking on the link will be more likely to buy and you don’t need to struggle quite so hard to convince people they should buy.

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