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What Content Works Best for Affiliate Marketing?

Coming up with a content strategy for affiliate marketing is a tough task. There are all kinds of different material you can create, and you’ll spend a lot of time making it. The process is easier if you know what you should craft, so you put your effort into the

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How Link Prospecting Can Reveal New Opportunities for Your Website

It can seem difficult to find link building opportunities for your website. However, quality backlinks are important since your website can suffer from poor search rankings and low traffic without them.  That’s why link prospecting can be valuable. It’s a proactive means of finding link building opportunities by using online

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Your Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Website

Traffic is the heartbeat of any successful site. Without visitors, your website can stagnate and struggle to make the conversions it needs to thrive. Over time, a lack of page views could even impact your search rankings. That’s why it’s important to commit to generating new traffic. Fortunately, there are

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Free SERP Checker Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Completely Free SERP Checker Tools For Affiliate Marketers

I was really bummed out recently when one of my favorite SERP checking tools ( now closed its free program saying it could no longer support the tool. It’s still a great tool but, unfortunately, they won’t be offering a free plan anymore. So, I started hunting for an

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Affiliate SEO

The 80/20 Guide To Affiliate Marketing SEO

If there’s one thing I can absolutely guarantee, it’s that every affiliate wants lots of traffic. In general, more traffic = more money. Let me just say this first up… nothing beats writing articles and getting free traffic. Nothing. The best source of free traffic that I know of is

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Evergreen Content For Fashion Bloggers: What You Need To Know

Content is everything. So it goes without saying that content writing is your primary work as a fashion blogger. The main goal of content writing is traffic generation to your blog. It is not difficult to get some traffic to your blog through social media but to generate traffic and

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fashion blogging

Using The Power Of Seasonal Content For Fashion Blogging

Seasonal content is the kind of blog content that fashion marketers naturally adapt to. As the fashion seasons change fashion bloggers keep up by writing about the current season to keep interests in line. to the season to capitalise on their intrinsic interest by trying to be competitive with yearly events.

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selling volume

How You Can Tell If Your Affiliate Sales Are Going To Drop

First things first, affiliate marketing is a great avenue to make that extra coin to supplement your regular income. It might also be a full-time opportunity to put food on your table. But are you getting little traffic on your website and are your sales figures beginning to drop day

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