9 Fashion Affiliate Programs That Earn Large Commissions

fashion affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to monetize your fashion blog.

You can make money by promoting products companies that you’re already talking about on your blog.

Now, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, but that doesn’t mean that it is a get-rich-quick scheme: there is work involved.

First, you need to take the decision that you want to go into affiliate marketing.

Once you decide that affiliate marketing is right for your blog, you have to be sure about the types of products you want to promote.

You see affiliate marketing works best when there is a close alignment between your audience and the products you are suggesting to them.

Niches are like carved out sections of the market that everyone has a stake in or a focus in. So while your broader niche might be fashion what you really talk about could be considered a sub-niche.

Sub-niches are where you want to be.

For example, in the niche for tea, you could be in the sub-niche of weight loss tea. That makes it much easier to create content to target those people and connect them with relevant products.

Once you have your sub-niche dialled in, you should search of affiliate programs that provide access to relevant products.

An affiliate program is a platform set up by a company, manufacturer, or merchant that sells the products you want to talk about. They will give you a special link that is called an affiliate link.

By linking to their site using your affiliate link you can take a commission on the sales of those products.

You post those links and place those ads on your blog or website. Every click that ends in a sale earns you a commission.

There are many affiliate programs available. But some important considerations are to join a program that you trust. One that accepts and uses several modes of payment for payouts. And also one that has high commission rates.

Commission is the term for the profit that you earn from an affiliate program.

Some affiliate programs may allow you instant access to their program so that you can start posting and earning money. But there are others require a certain amount of readers, followers, or viewers before you can gain full access.

The most important thing to know is that you must research the best affiliate programs before you join them.

If you are in the fashion niche, there are many affiliate programs that you can join to earn commissions and many that pay a high commission rate.

Fashion, in general, is a competitive and very lucrative niche.

Here is a list of 9 fashion affiliate programs that can earn you large commissions.

Fashion Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

1. RewardStyle

RewardStyle is actually an affiliate network. An affiliate network is a group of several affiliate programs. This network serves as a link between the affiliate marketers and the affiliate programs.

When you join an affiliate network, you have access to the affiliate programs that are in the network too.

RewardStyle is an affiliate network that you can only join by invitation.

It is one of the most difficult affiliate network’s to become a part of but because of that it’s a platform that many bloggers wish to get into.

Their network offers commissions much higher than most other affiliate programs in the fashion niche.

2. Shopstyle Collective

Another affiliate network, Shopstyle Collective is very easy to sign-up for, as long as you have a proper website or blog.

Shopstyle Collective is also one of very few affiliate networks that pay out commissions per click. So, you don’t have to complete a sale to get your commission: you just need clicks.

3. Impact Radius

Impact Radius is another affiliate network that offers high commission rates.

They offer a flat rate of 4% per sale, while other affiliate programs in the network offer up to 8%.

This is quite low, compared to the other networks in this list.

4. Skimlinks

Skimlinks also offers affiliate marketers high commissions on a pay-per-sale rate.

5. Nordstrom

A big name in the fashion industry, the affiliate program is just as big on their commissions, with a rate of 2 – 20% per sale.

6. Zaful

Zaful is growing in popularity for its fashion accessories and its very generous affiliate program.

With commission rates of 15 – 20%, this is one of the highest for fashion affiliates in 2017. Their links also have a cookie length of 60 days.

7. Newchic

Newchic offers its affiliates a commission rate of 10 -16% on every sale, with a cookie length of 60 days on their links. This means that the links can stay on your blog for 60 days before expiring.

8. J.McLaughlin

This fashion affiliate program pays a commission rate of 15% per sale, and its links have a cookie duration of 30 days.

J.McLaughlin has a user-friendly website. Their affiliate program is easy to understand, making it a good choice for beginners to start off with.

9. Fashionmia

With a cookie length of 90 days, Fashionmia sets a very long duration for its shopping links to expire.

They also pay up with a commission rate of 15%, which is a great incentive for affiliate marketers to join them.

There you have it, your list of 9 fashion affiliate programs that earn high commissions.

Some of them are pretty difficult to join because they pride themselves on their exclusivity, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Others are not so stringent, and signing up is free, with full access to their services, including options for tracking and reporting sales and other affiliate activities.

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    1. Hi Vishakha,

      It should be OK, but check with their program’s specific T&C. You might want to cloak the links in ThirstyAffiliates and use them that way, that way you get tracking on those clicks, etc.

  1. Hey,
    that’s a great list for fashion affiliates programs. But I think, the list should be separated between the direct affiliate offers and the networks.
    However, thanks for sharing the resource with us.

    Apsawra Liza
    Marketing Co-ordinator

  2. I don’t have a fashion blog at the moment. My blog is a lot more general. Do I need to have a specific fashion blog to be a successful fashion affiliate marketer? I like to write on a number of topics – fashion is only one on them.

    1. No, but keep in mind that the more you narrow your niche, the easier it is to find your target market. If you are seeing traction with fashion and readers are loving it and you’re getting good traffic to your fashion articles, why not double down on that?

  3. Thanks for this post. I have been using Impact radius for some time. However finding offers from companies is a bit challenging. I never knew it as an affiliate network for fashion products as i promote host gator and name cheap on Impact radius.
    I found a good number of affiliate network for fashion products that i will definitely try.
    Have a great day all.

  4. Nordstrom’s affiliate program is basically a big con. They’ll send you a good private offer, initially, to make you advertise their products. Then once they deem you’ve marketed their products enough, they’ll let the offer expire and won’t renew it, causing all your initial effort to be wasted.

    Marketer beware before you invest in Nordstorm.

  5. Shopstyle collective does not pay on a CPC system but rather CPA.

    Edit this post and you wouldn’t be misleading anybody no more.

    Ibrahim Clouds. Blogwriter, copywriter, and an affiliate marketer.

  6. One of my friend stopped working on her fashion blog & trying to sale it to me. I was wondering and told surely she will find some good affiliate program for her website that can make her winner. She told me to find some good affiliate program and I am pretty confident she will be benefitted from your blog. Thanks for excellent blog on Fashion blog affiliate programs.

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