Does Your Website Lack Personality? Here Are 5 Ways To Fix It

Imagine you are in the same room with your potential customer, face to face, and you have just a few minutes to convince this client why he should choose you over the other thousands who offer the same services as you do. What would you tell him such that you sign a deal? The client is in a hurry, and the clock is ticking.

What is your story? How can you give your potential customer the much-needed help? What do you offer that is so different from what the other service providers don’t?

Telling A Story

That is what your website should be able to say about your business.

Your website should tell a story about your business to your potential customer in a compelling, poetic and energising manner. It should entice, persuade, invoke curiosity but in a straightforward and easy way that your client would feel confident you hire your service.

Your website should from the word go, show the goods or services that you deal with and their prices. It should also provide your contact information on the same page such that in case your client decides to communicate with you, he/she will not have a difficult time finding it.

Does your website lack personality? Discussed hereunder are some of the methods that you can use to can give your site some personality and bring you, clients.

Invoke Feelings

As you might be aware, the website is full of advertisements of all kinds. There are ads for sales, scams and everything else you can think of. So when people are surfing the internet, they have their protective gears on because they are not sure what they will see on the web.

One of the most common protective wall that most people use is scepticism. And scepticism is a very powerful human feeling. So you need to design your website in such a way that it can be able to break this wall of scepticism and awake an alternative feeling that will make your client want to look at your website favourably.

Depending on what you are dealing with in your business, you should be able to awaken the right feeling, and your visitors will begin to see themselves as potential customers to your goods and services because you have tapped on the good feelings.

Your website should make your guests feel welcome and that you are there to help them and at the same time that they are in control to make the right decision. The language you use and the manner in which you use it will tell a lot on what feeling you will awaken in a customer. Remember, your website is a face to face conversation with your client in your absence.

Add Photos

As a businessperson, have professional photographs of your goods and business taken and uploaded on your website.

Photos of your products give your customers a glimpse of what you have to offer, and this helps them to envision what your business is all about.

The photos to use in your website should show the products as they are so that your customers will not struggle to figure out what product that is and a picture of your business will help them know your business even before they visit.

Incorporate Your Personality

Just as a picture says a thousand words or words can convey an emotion, the colours you use on your website, fonts, graphics, layout and photos will say a lot about your personality.

Your business website should reflect your personality and what you stand for. However, make sure that the personality you convey in your site is an accurate reflection of who you are.

Remember, the character picture you paint on the website about yourself and your business will be revealed face to face when your client decides to pay you a visit.

It is great when you know your personality, and you can show it on your site for your customers to know you in depth.


Include Videos

A video of your business is a great way to show your personality on your website. You can use a video to sell your business by telling your clients what kind of products and services your business offers.

When making a video for your website, you can either have your best sales person or yourself have a brief description of the products and brands that you have. But first, remember to have a short introduction that tells your customers what your business does or can do to the clients. Add all the necessary information about your business and then offer a persuasive advertisement for your business.

You can make many small clips of videos and insert them in different portions of your website.

The About Page

Did you know that the about page is paramount to your site? The about page is the ingredient that should never miss on your site.

The about page is crucial because this is where most of the potential customers are likely to visit first to know your business. Hence the about page should clearly spell out what your business is all about. That means your about page should include a brief history of your business in a natural way as if you are talking to your client on face to face basis.

Here you will tell your customers about your business history, the metamorphosis that your company has undergone if any. Where you are located, what you offer and so much more.
Ensure that your personality comes out clearly, showcase yourself positively, show your employees and your business premises.

Things To Remember

In any business, the success of that business depends on how you communicate with your customers. The website gives that chance to meet your potential customers in advance and convince them to come to you for your goods or services. So take this opportunity to give your audience meaningful, convincing, memorable and concentrated marketing message via your website.

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