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Uncloak Your Amazon Affiliate Links

Why (AND HOW) You Should Uncloak Your Amazon Affiliate Links

In January 2018 I wrote an article for FeedFront magazine talking about some cases where you might want to uncloak your affiliate links. The primary reason was Amazon. I wrote the article because I had personally experienced the pain of dealing with their moderation team. Amazon’s Associates program has a pretty

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Free SERP Checker Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Completely Free SERP Checker Tools For Affiliate Marketers

I was really bummed out recently when one of my favorite SERP checking tools ( now closed its free program saying it could no longer support the tool. It’s still a great tool but, unfortunately, they won’t be offering a free plan anymore. So, I started hunting for an

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Affiliate Product Reviews

3 Ways Affiliates Can Get More Out Of Their Product Reviews

Product reviews are the lifeblood of many affiliate marketing businesses, so we’re always looking for ways to get more from that content… or make it better… or help it go further. That’s what this article is all about – writing better product reviews to increase your affiliate earning as much

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Best Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs: Find Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

Welcome To Our Affiliate Program Directory One of the big things we feel that has been missing in the affiliate marketing industry is a single authoritative list of the best affiliate programs in a large range of niches. Many of the big affiliate networks collect affiliate programs and they’re somewhat

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Affiliate SEO

The 80/20 Guide To Affiliate Marketing SEO

If there’s one thing I can absolutely guarantee, it’s that every affiliate wants lots of traffic. In general, more traffic = more money. Let me just say this first up… nothing beats writing articles and getting free traffic. Nothing. The best source of free traffic that I know of is

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