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Affiliate Earning

Are You Selling Rather Than Helping? How Customer-Centricity Can Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

There are many strategies in the business world that you can use to market your products to consumers and make sales. These traditional business-driven marketing strategies are being eschewed in recent times for another marketing strategy known as the customer-centric marketing strategy. Simply put, a customer-centric marketing strategy leads to

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Tracking Metrics

The Importance Of Tracking Metrics In Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, tracking metrics are very important. All that data that is generated, all those statistics, are of great importance to both advertisers/merchants and publishers/affiliates. You hear of impressions, click-through rates, traffic, conversions, and you wonder why any of that should be important to affiliate marketing. Well, using marketing

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amazon associates

5 Things NOT TO DO with Amazon’s Associate Program

Affiliate marketers usually sign up with affiliate programs or associate programs, and they get to promote the products and/or services that are sold by that associate marketing program, and they get paid for it. One of those associate marketing programs is Amazon. Amazon has set some pretty strong records: being

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Marketing Jargon

Affiliate Marketing Jargon: Glossary of Terms

Many of the terms used in affiliate marketing can easily confound laypeople and new affiliate marketers. Some of these terms are borrowed from the financial industry, while others are strictly from the affiliate marketing world. The list of affiliate marketing terms is huge, and new ones seem to creep up

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3 Smart Ways To Find Profitable Sub-Niches

When getting into the niche marketing business, one has to know one thing going in: there is a lot of competition. In every single niche. It’s probably too late to go looking for a niche no one has thought of (but there could be niches that haven’t been explored for

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Niche Site

How To Build A Niche Site Quickly For Affiliate Marketing

Niche sites are websites where particular topics are written about for a particular group of people, or products are written about and sold to a certain target audience. Using niche sites to corner a niche market and sell products has been around for some time, but niche sites have been

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Time Management

5 Time Management Techniques For Busy Affiliate Marketers

Becoming an affiliate marketer, while rewarding, may not be easy to balance with other aspects of your life. There are always things that are demanding your time, and somehow you can’t factor everything in 24 hours and you wish for more hours in a day. There are a large and

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