Why You Shouldn’t Join More Than 3 Affiliate Programs At The Same Time

Affiliate marketing has many benefits: it is an online job, it has flexible hours, you don’t have to manufacture the products, you just have to promote them… the list goes on.

The thing people don’t realise is that affiliate marketing requires a lot of time and effort (maybe more mental than physical: but just as exhausting) to become a successful business venture. As such, joining any affiliate program has to be a well-thought-out and researched plan.

You can join affiliate programs that are in-house product programs, or you can join affiliate programs through the affiliate marketplace, such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, et cetera. Before joining any affiliate program, you should be sure of a couple of things.

What to be Sure of before Joining Any Affiliate Program

  • Payouts Are On Schedule
    Just because joining an affiliate program is free, doesn’t mean that your pay should be messed with. As said earlier, promoting products and services takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Your work should be adequately compensated, and promptly too.
  • Payment Methods Are Supported In Your Region
    Affiliate marketing is a flexible job, meaning you can work from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. As such, you should check the affiliate program’s payment methods to make sure that they are supported wherever you are. For example, affiliate marketers in Nigeria can’t be paid via PayPal, because PayPal isn’t supported in Nigeria.
  • They Have Products You Can Work With
    If you are not passionate about a product or service, you should at least like it. If you don’t, then promoting it would be unwise. You should only select products or services that you like or are passionate about, and if the affiliate program doesn’t have them, you shouldn’t work with them.
  • The Affiliate Program And Its Products Have Good Reputation
     A lot of people have been scammed by affiliate programs. A lot of people have gotten products that are vastly different from what they were sold online, and of lesser quality too. When joining any affiliate program, make sure it is one with a good reputation and good quality products. Why sell someone something you yourself can’t or won’t use? Ensure that you join a network through an affiliate marketplace with a great reputation.

So, once you have figured out what affiliate program you should join, is there a limit to how many affiliate programs you can join?

Some would tell you that you should join as many affiliate programs as you want because you would make a lot of sales, and that would mean more money, more revenue. Others would tell you that you should join only one affiliate program, as that would be less taxing on your time.

Depending on several factors, you should be able to join at least three affiliate programs without any problems with your productivity or your time. Joining three affiliate programs is manageable: joining more than three could be a disaster.

Affiliate Programs

Why Joining More Than 3 Affiliate Programs Is A Problem

  • Doing Too Many Things At Once Diminishes Productivity

As a new affiliate marketer who has recently joined an affiliate program, you can gradually add two more affiliate programs to your resume, and work with all of them at the same time, once you have established a routine that works well for you.

Once you join more than three affiliate programs, however, your productivity will greatly reduce. With so many products to product, you time would be split several ways, and in a little while you will notice that you are not producing good content for your sites, you are not posting as many links as you should, your ads on social media are nonexistent, and your sale and lead generation have dropped.

In the end, you won’t be achieving what you wanted to by joining many affiliate programs in the first place.

  • It is Time-Consuming

Joining more than three affiliate programs can be very overwhelming, and will take up a lot of your time. How to use your time as an affiliate marketer is already a major concern with affiliate marketers, and joining more than three affiliate programs will just worsen the situation.

All your time will be spent on research, content curation, creating backlinks, short meals, and sleep. You would be too tired to do anything else, like spend time with your family and friends.

  • Some Affiliate Programs Won’t Allow it

Affiliate programs are also businesses, and all businesses are in competition with each other. Some affiliate programs don’t mind if you join other affiliate programs; some allow you to join those that have similar products and services as they, or even complementary products with theirs. Other affiliate programs, however, do not accept this and could ban you if you do so.

If you must join more affiliate programs, let the number of affiliate programs you join not exceed three. Make sure you do some thorough research about the affiliate programs you want to join before taking any further steps. Make sure that they would be fine with you joining other affiliate programs.

Find out if they would allow you to promote all their products on one site, or if they would require you to promote their products on separate sites. Find out how much time and resources you would have to spend in creating content for their products, and what their commission fees are. Make sure that the affiliate programs are compatible with your niche, and they have products that would be beneficial to your visitors.

Once you have figured out all the important facts, narrow down your list of affiliate programs, and select the best three that you would like to join, and stick with them. Joining more than three affiliate programs would just be too much stress, and you would lose focus of the main goal of any affiliate marketer: to get traffic, make conversions, and make a profit.

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  1. The best idea I have taken from this article is – It will harm your productivity. That is very true but if people like me who blog on blogging, WordPress always try to find our new products to make money should not confine himself upto 2 or three products, this may be true for affiliate store. What is your idea on my point

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