See the Difference! Introducing NEW Affiliate Product Displays by ThirstyAffiliates

Think back to your last online shopping spree. What really caught your attention?

  • Was it a plain text link?  
  • Or were you swayed by eye-catching visuals?

Take my latest experience, for instance.

Who else got hit by that arctic blast a few weeks back? Where I live, we were supposed to hit sub-freezing temperatures, with wind chills expected to dive down to -20 degrees! Just a jacket wasn't going to cut it. I needed the whole winter gear ensemble, and fast.

Naturally, I turned to online shopping. 

I wanted all the essentials: a hat to keep my head warm, gloves to fend off frostbite, and a scarf to wrap in all the heat. But I also wanted something stylish, with decent ratings, and offered crucially quick shipping. The cold wasn't waiting, and neither could I.

After a quick internet search, I found just the set. I liked what I saw, so I clicked add to cart and checked out before the cold wave hit. 

Did you catch what I said: I liked what I saw… 

Images have such a big impact when we buy online. A link by itself might not be enough to get your readers to click through and check out your product recommendations. 

That’s about to change…

Introducing NEW ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays! Add some visual flair to your affiliate site with product displays that: 

  • Draw in visitors with an attractive product image.
  • Highlights the key features and benefits of a product.
  • Encourages readers to engage more with your content.
  • Significantly boost your click-through rates and affiliate commissions.

Read on and discover how you can create the familiar online shopping experience with product displays that captivate and convert your audience! 

What are Affiliate Product Displays?

Product displays are an excellent upgrade for your affiliate marketing website, transforming it into an engaging, visually attractive shopping hub. 

They're a step up from basic text links. No, scratch that. They’re on a whole different level!

Product displays are a snapshot of awesomeness. They bring products to life with eye-catching images and provide key details in an easy-to-digest format. This way, readers get just enough scoop on what you’re promoting in a quick glance:

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display example

Beyond enhancing the look of your site, product displays do wonders for the user experience too. They make your site more intuitive and shopper-friendly, smoothly guiding visitors from one cool find to another.

This boost in engagement isn't just good for your site's traffic; it's a win for businesses all around. More interaction typically translates to more commissions for you and increased sales for your affiliate partners.

Product displays are the perfect blend of style and smart functionality. They make shopping on your website an easy, informative, and enjoyable experience. This encourages visitors to stick around and explore more of what you have to offer. 

What Makes an Effective Product Display? 

When it comes to promoting products on your site (especially physical products), the spotlight should be on your displays. Their role is to steal the show by grabbing readers’ attention and turning them into buyers.

To create a product display that hits the mark every time, you want to keep these must-haves in mind:

  • High-Quality Visuals: Attractive images that showcase the product.
  • Informative Descriptions: Detailed information about the product's features, benefits, and specifics.
  • Clear Pricing: Transparent pricing information, including any discounts or offers.
  • Trust-Building Extras: Include customer ratings and reviews to boost credibility.
  • Persuasive CTAs: Clear and compelling calls to action to encourage customer action.

But you might be wondering, How do I cram all that into one display without overwhelming my readers or disrupting my blog? 

That’s where ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays shine! 

Our latest add-on seamlessly blends these crucial elements into one sleek product display that's easy on the eyes and creates an intuitive shopping experience for your customers.

How to Create a Product Display with ThirstyAffiliates

Ready to make your own?

Let's break down how you can create a killer product display with ThirstyAffiliates. It's easier than you think and a surefire way to ramp up your commissions! 

Take a Closer Look at ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays

ThirstyAffiliates gives you the whole kit and caboodle for crafting top-notch product displays. Blend stunning visuals, detailed information, clear pricing, and customer reviews to create a click-worthy narrative for your affiliate links.

See for yourself how ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays are engineered to drive sales and enhance your earnings. 

Show Off Products with Eye-Catching Visual Showcases

Shopping online is super convenient. But there’s a catch. Not being able to physically interact with products can leave customers hesitant to buy.

Images step in to fill this sensory gap. They give customers a detailed peek at the product’s size, color, texture, and overall look. Almost like bringing the in-store experience right to their computer screens.

When customers get a crystal-clear picture of what they’re buying, their confidence shoots up. They’re more likely to hit that “Buy Now” button because they have a better idea of what they're getting. 

Smart businesses know this trick too. They make sure to photograph the best sides of their products, capturing striking visuals for you to use in your affiliate marketing efforts. 

And now, you have a new tool to leverage these visuals effectively.

WordPress makes it super easy to upload and display images on your website. Then our ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays interface takes care of organizing your image in a way that's attractive and user-friendly, ensuring products look their best when displayed: 

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display image only

But, let's not stop there. If you look at our display, it kinda needs more, right? Having a great photo is a start, but it's not everything. 

Next you need to weave your words around these images, crafting a display that not only attracts but also informs.

Win Over Customers with Compelling Product Descriptions

As an affiliate marketer, it’s crucial that you find products your audience will love. That starts with doing your own research to determine a product’s quality and fit on your site. 

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Get answers to the questions they might ask about a product:  

  • Is it a best-selling item?
  • Is it in my price range?
  • What are actual buyers saying in the reviews?
  • What happens if I’m not happy with it? Easy returns?
  • How soon can I get it? Is shipping fast, slow, expensive?

This level of personal touch goes a good way towards strengthening the relationship you have with your readers and being seen as a credible source

Plus, when it comes to writing out the descriptions, you have the fuel to really talk up the product. 

Pack in those juicy details that give a full picture of what you're selling: its key features, the price, special benefits it offers, and the unique value it brings to the table: 

Add a product description to your ThirstyAffiliates Product Display

Once you've got your description down, the ThirstyAffiliates Product Display takes over to blend your text with visual flair. 

The layout is slick, making sure the buyer’s journey from cool images to your convincing words feels natural, nudging the reader ever closer to that call-to-action button without missing a beat.

Seize More Sales Opportunities with a Click-Worthy CTA Button

You’ve dressed up your affiliate link with an engaging image and a sharp product description. Now, it’s time to hone in on the real money-maker: your call-to-action (CTA) button.

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display CTA button

This button is like the closer in your sales pitch. Its job? To grab visitors and gently nudge them towards that “buy” button, turning their interest into your profit. 

But hey, no pressure here! ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays allow you to customize your CTA button just the way you (and your readers) like it.

Pick a phrase that resonates with them, along with your choice of color scheme that’ll really stand out in your content: 

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display customizable CTA button

It's all about getting the balance just right. Your CTA button should catch the eye, but still feel like a natural part of your site’s look. 

Boost Engagement for a Better Customer Experience

A big reason readers come to you instead of heading straight to Amazon or any other major ecommerce site is the trust they have in your honest recommendations. They're looking for more than a product; they want your authentic take on it too.

Again, how do you give them in-depth insights without overcrowding your display?

Try the additional CTA button on for size!  But instead of just duping your “Buy Now” line, use it as an opportunity to link to something extra. Think along the lines of your personal review, a comparison article, a handy how-to guide, or even an entertaining unboxing video:

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display multiple CTA buttons

This gives your readers the chance to get the whole story behind the product. Plus, it also lets you flex your expertise. 

Badges are also a big hit. You can highlight products for being your top pick, a best seller, or simply show that it’s on sale. These badges are like giving your personal thumbs-up, boosting trust in your recommendations.

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display badge

Keeping this theme of trust, it's also a good idea to place your affiliate disclosure statement within your product displays. This practice upholds transparency, subtly informing your audience about the affiliate link:

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display can also include your affiliate disclosure

By bringing these features into your ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays, you’re creating a stronger bond with your audience, leading to better engagement and potentially more clicks and conversions.

Maximize Impact with Multiple Product Displays

Another great perk of online shopping is the vast array of choices at your fingertips. If you have readers who like to weigh their options, Product Display Groups may be the way to go.  

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display Groups allow you to showcase multiple products in one cohesive collection. This not only saves you a ton of time and effort, but also elevates the shopping experience for your audience.

▶️ Jump to Display Groups Tutorial

Moreover, product display groups create the perfect layout for pieces of content that cover several different products, like a listicle

ThirstyAffiliates Product Display Group listicle example

You're not just listing items; you're crafting a visually stunning, info-packed showcase that spotlights a curated selection of products, all tied together by a common theme or category. 

It's like giving your readers a VIP tour through the best picks out there!

Multiple Ways to Insert Your Product Displays

No matter your WordPress skill level or style, ThirstyAffiliates offers flexible and user-friendly options to add product displays to your website.

Option 1: Never Leave the WordPress Editor

For users who favor the familiar Gutenberg WordPress Editor, adding a product display is a natural part of the content creation process. Just pick the block where you want the display to go, and with just a few clicks, your product showcase becomes part of the page or post. 

Option 2: Copy a Shortcode and Spead it! 

If you're more about precision and control, shortcodes are your perfect match. Each product display comes with an easy-to-use shortcode. Copy and paste it wherever you want your display to show up, be it in blog posts, landing pages, or widget areas – the possibilities are endless. 

▶️ Jump to Insert Display Options

Get Started 

We're entering a new era in affiliate marketing, and ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays are at the forefront! This tool adds a fresh, lively twist to your site that really pulls in your audience and gets them clicking! 

Speaking of clicks, ThirstyAffiliates' renowned click-tracking feature is fully integrated and ready to work double time! Yep, since each display is still an affiliate link, you're also getting those crucial insights into clicks and conversions.

One more thing you need to know: the Product Display add-on is a special perk only included in our advanced plan. Ready to upgrade? Use our WELCOME coupon and snag a whopping 50% off today.

Once you've leveled up, don't forget to dive into our full support documentation here. It's packed with detailed insights, ensuring you get the most out of ThirstyAffiliates Product Displays.

Don't just sit there! Start showcasing your products in a way that captures attention, builds trust, and drives sales.

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