9 Affiliate Marketing Networks You’ll Love (ClickBank Alternatives)


ClickBank has long been a prominent name in the affiliate marketing industry, renowned for its extensive product range and lucrative commission rates – with some affiliates earning as much as 75%! However, this affiliate network isn't the only player in the arena.

There are several noteworthy Clickbank alternatives that have significantly contributed to the evolution of affiliate marketing. This blog post aims to help you find the right network for your needs.

We'll start by breaking down the key differences between partnering with individual affiliate programs and joining a comprehensive network. Understanding these distinctions from the get-go is crucial in choosing the path that best suits your marketing strategy.

After laying that groundwork, we'll share our list of affiliate networks similar to ClickBank. These alternatives offer a broad spectrum of options and chances for success: ideal for beginners eager to dive into affiliate marketing or seasoned pros looking to broaden their product range.

Let's explore these exciting platforms and find your perfect fit!

Affiliate Network vs Affiliate Program: What's the Difference?

As an affiliate marketer, you've got a big decision to make: whether to stick with an individual program (or programs) versus spreading your wings and soring around in a network.

But before you take that leap, let's break down the differences between these two paths and give you the lowdown on your adventure ahead.

An affiliate program is a direct partnership between you and a specific company or brand. In this arrangement, you promote a company's products or services and, in return, earn a commission for each sale or lead generated from your referral.

These programs are usually managed by the companies themselves and offer a more focused approach, allowing you to work closely with a brand you align with.

How Affiliate Marketing Works inforgraphic_ThirstyAffiliates

On the other hand, an affiliate network acts as an intermediary between publishers (like you) and multiple affiliate programs. This means a wider selection of products and services to choose from, which can be a significant advantage if you're looking to diversify your affiliate marketing efforts.

What are the Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks bring a ton of perks to the table for advertisers in the affiliate marketing game. Here's what's in it for you:

  • Exclusive Opportunities: Affiliate networks often provide access to exclusive offers and partnerships that can boost your revenue.
  • Simplified Payments: By consolidating earnings from various sources, affiliate networks streamline the payment process, reducing administrative complexities.
  • Guidance and Support: Many networks offer guidance, resources, and support to help marketers optimize their strategies for better results.
  • Scalability: As your business expands, affiliate networks can seamlessly accommodate your growth by connecting you with more partners.
  • Global Reach: Affiliate networks provide access to a global network of advertisers and publishers, facilitating international partnerships and expanding market reach.

In a nutshell, an affiliate program allows for a direct and focused partnership with a single brand, while an affiliate network widens your options and simplifies managing multiple affiliate relationships.

Moreover, affiliate networks offer additional advantages that bring ease, exciting collaborations, and often increased earnings for your affiliate marketing business.

Your choice depends on your marketing strategy, niche, and the level of diversity you want in your affiliate endeavors.

9 ClickBank Alternative Affiliate Network Sites

Ready to explore a world beyond ClickBank? Check out our top 9 alternative affiliate network sites. You're bound to find one that clicks with your needs

1. Amazon Associates

When you think of online shopping, Amazon is likely the first name that comes to mind. This universal recognition is what makes Amazon Associates an excellent network choice for affiliate marketers. By partnering with a brand that has already won the trust of millions, you’re well over halfway to converting your audience into buyers.

Amazon Associates homepage

With its colossal range of products, Amazon lets affiliates pick items that resonate perfectly with their niche, be it tech gadgets, fashion finds, must-read books, or more. This program is all about flexibility, empowering you to promote products in your own style, whether that's through engaging blog posts, buzzing social media, email, or direct links.

Getting started with Amazon Associates is a piece of cake. Just sign up, fill in some info about your website, what you want to promote, and how you're planning to rake in the traffic and cash.

When it comes to getting paid, you'll see the cash roll in about 60 days after the month wraps up. You can get your earnings through direct deposit, a check, or even as Amazon gift cards.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten Advertising, with its impressive 25+ years in the affiliate marketing world, stands as a global leader in the field. Boasting a network of over 150,000 top-tier partners and backed by a team of over 100 in-market experts, Rakuten delivers a swift and efficient affiliate marketing experience.

Rakuten Advertising homepage

The platform is pretty high-tech, loaded with all the cool affiliate tools and smart data insights you need to get great results. They even use artificial intelligence to help you keep up with market trends and stay ahead of the game. Plus, they've got a whole suite of options for setting up different types of partnerships.

Rakuten’s extensive global reach, supported by local experts, facilitates growth in new markets, making it an attractive platform for affiliates aiming to reach specific customer segments and capitalize on new marketing opportunities.

3. Awin

Awin is a top-notch global affiliate network that’s all about helping a wide range of publishers, like bloggers, vloggers, and influencers, make money online. They've got connections with over 25,000 brands, so there’s a ton of choice whether you’re into fashion, tech, travel, or anything else really.

Awin Affiliate Network homepage
Awin affilaite homepage

What’s super neat about Awin is their fast payment setup. It means you get your earnings quicker when people buy stuff through your links, which is a big thumbs up if you're keen on getting your rewards pronto and keeping that cash flow smooth.

4. ShareASale

ShareASale stands as a vibrant hub in the affiliate marketing world, offering a dynamic platform where affiliates earned a whopping $1.3 billion last year. It welcomes around 260 new affiliates daily and boasts an expansive array of 25,000 brands across various sectors​​.

ShareASale affiliate network homepage

The network is inclusive, supporting publishers of all kinds, from content creators and influencers to media partners and technology solution providers. ShareASale's intuitive platform makes starting and scaling affiliate marketing strategies simple, catering to a diverse range of affiliate skill sets​.

What really makes ShareASale stand out is its smooth interface and top-notch tech. It's super easy for affiliates to find and join programs that fit their style, keep an eye on how they’re doing, and use a bunch of cool tools, like APIs and tracking reports, to make the most of their efforts.

5. FlexOffers

FlexOffers really shines in the performance-based marketing arena. The network operates under a “one-roof” model, connecting affiliates with over 10,000 advertisers across 65 networks and more than 75,000 publisher programs.

FlexOffer homepage

The platform is well-recognized for its award-winning approach, offering numerous solutions that cater to both advertisers and publishers. FlexOffers enables its affiliate partners to access a wide range of digital marketing tools, helping to enhance promotional strategies and boost earning potential.

One of the standout features of FlexOffers is its advanced payment options, including faster payouts (NET 7) for its top performers. This aspect is particularly attractive to affiliates who value timely and efficient compensation for their efforts.

6. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, also known as Commission Junction, is one of the largest and most established networks in performance-based marketing. They’ve got this massive network that reaches over 1 billion customers every month and racks up 14 billion interactions each year, not to mention handling 157 million transactions.

CJ Affiliate /Commission Junction homepage

This network isn't just big; it's also super user-friendly. Packed with data, the latest tech, and expert know-how, it's perfect for anyone in the affiliate scene, whether you're just dipping your toes in or you’re an old pro.

CJ Affiliate nails it when it comes to matching affiliates with the right crowd at the right time, making growth and success way easier in this competitive online world.

7. eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is all about making money by steering folks to eBay, one of the biggest and most varied shopping spots out there. eBay's not just a shopping site; it's a place where tons of buyers and sellers meet up, opening up loads of chances for people all over.

eBay Partner Network homepage

They've also got this super user-friendly portal loaded with all the tools and detailed reports you could need. It's great for figuring out your affiliate strategy, managing your efforts, and boosting what you get out of it.

Plus, eBay loves it when partners bring new, exciting stuff to the table, which just adds to the whole vibe of being an innovative and smart affiliate marketer.

8. GiddyUp

GiddyUp is on a mission to redefine the affiliate marketing scene with a fresh and effective approach. Since their start in 2013, they've been making waves by offering top-notch products and cutting-edge technology that really boost your earnings from every click.

They've paid out over $200 million in commissions so far, showing they really know their stuff.

GiddyUp affiliate network homepage

The platform they offer is not only slick but also really easy to use, which is great for driving sales. GiddyUp is keen on helping you increase your income, offering exclusive deals and opportunities for upsells. They're focused on growth too, providing a range of sought-after products with the bonus of worldwide shipping.

9. Impact

Impact is a versatile affiliate network platform for anyone looking to monetize their online content. It's particularly appealing for content creators, bloggers, and affiliates eager to form direct connections with a wide range of brands.

Impact affiliate network homepage

Through Impact.com's Brand Marketplace, users can easily reach out to potential partners, streamline the management of brand relationships and reporting, and access unique promotional tools.

Joining Impact is a hassle-free process, and once approved, affiliates can explore opportunities with various brands, making it a suitable choice for both newcomers and experienced marketers looking to expand their affiliate marketing efforts.

How ThirstyAffiliates Can Increase Your Affiliate Network Earnings

Joining a network and managing advertising for multiple brands can be a challenging task, especially when it involves juggling numerous affiliate links. This is where the need for an efficient link management tool becomes critical, and ThirstyAffiliates excels in this role.

ThirstyAffiliates is not just a link management tool; it is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts.

The ThirstyAffiliates homepage

When you're dealing with a plethora of links, keeping track of them can be daunting. ThirstyAffiliates simplifies this process, allowing you to organize your links in a neat, accessible manner. It offers the ability to categorize and sort links, making it easier to find and manage them efficiently.

Moreover, ThirstyAffiliates isn't just about managing links; it enhances them. It provides the functionality to shorten and cloak affiliate links, which is a game-changer in the industry. Shortening links makes them more manageable and aesthetically pleasing, which can significantly improve click-through rates.

Cloaking, on the other hand, is vital for protecting your commissions. It masks the affiliate link, making it less obvious and more secure against commission theft – a common concern in affiliate marketing.

In addition to these features, ThirstyAffiliates also offers added brand awareness benefits. By using branded links, you can maintain a consistent and professional image, which is essential in building trust with your audience. Trust leads to higher engagement rates and, ultimately, more successful affiliate campaigns.

Shorten , brand, and cloak affiliate links with ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is not just a tool; it's an essential ally in the world of affiliate marketing. It provides the efficiency, security, and brand enhancement needed to thrive in a competitive environment. For anyone serious about making the most of their affiliate marketing efforts, ThirstyAffiliates is the go-to solution.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, the world of affiliate marketing is diverse and dynamic, offering numerous opportunities for monetization across various platforms.

  • Amazon Associates: The go-to giant in online retail, offering an enormous selection for affiliate linking.
  • Rakuten Advertising: Seasoned in the industry with high-tech solutions and extensive global reach.
  • Awin: A diverse, global network offering a wealth of partnership opportunities.
  • ShareASale: A lively platform with user-friendly tools, perfect for a range of affiliate strategies.
  • FlexOffers: A diverse platform known for quick payouts and a wide array of options.
  • CJ Affiliate: A powerhouse in the affiliate world, connecting a vast global audience with affiliates.
  • eBay Partner Network: Transform sales on this extensive marketplace into affiliate success.
  • GiddyUp: Ideal for those who love innovative products and maximizing their online impact.
  • Impact: Monetize effortlessly with connections to top brands and intuitive management tools.

Each network, with its unique features and benefits, demonstrates the versatility and potential of affiliate marketing. Whether you're a content creator, influencer, or a marketer, these platforms provide powerful tools and opportunities to grow your brand and revenue streams in the digital space.

Which affiliate network fits your goals, and what's your plan to tap into their unique offerings? Share with us in the comments!

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