Unlock More Revenue from Your Content with ThirstyPay™

Are you constantly exploring ways to monetize your content beyond the usual affiliate marketing paths?

You've put hours into writing content and interweaving affiliate links everywhere you can – yet, there's a lingering feeling that you're only scratching the surface of what's possible. 

Introducing ThirstyPay™: Our groundbreaking solution that's about to kick your content monetization strategy up a notch!

It's time to see your content in a whole new light. Forget just sticking affiliate links here and there. We're talking about transforming your blog posts, advice, and videos into purchasable gold. Picture:

  • turning a series of blog posts into an in-depth ebook,
  • compiling your best advice pieces into a comprehensive online course,
  • editing your most popular videos into an exclusive paid series,

Then monetizing in more ways with ThirstyPay™

New ThirstyAffiliates feature: ThirstyPay™

ThirstyPay™ opens up new revenue streams by allowing you to capitalize on the content you've already created. It’s about taking every piece of content you've ever crafted and turning it into a variety of products your audience can't wait to get their hands on.

Moreover, ThirstyPay™ strengthens your connection with your audience by delivering valuable content in formats they prefer and are ready to purchase.

Prepare to enhance how your content earns for you. Welcome to a new chapter in content monetization. Welcome to ThirstyPay™.

What is ThirstyPayTM?

ThirstyPay™ is hitting the ecommerce scene as the new must-have for digital entrepreneurs and content creators eager to carve out a unique niche in the online market. 

This cutting-edge platform revolutionizes the way digital products, services, and content are marketed and sold. 

We've partnered with Stripe, a leader in online payments, to bring something special to the table: branded checkout links. 

These links are custom-crafted to fit your brand, offering customers a quick and personal purchasing experience.

ThirstyPay™ links make Stripe links better!
ThirstyPay™ links make Stripe links better

One-click on a ThirstyPay™ link and your followers can grab what you’re selling, no matter where you post it online. This setup cuts through the hassle of online selling, making it super easy for folks to say “yes” to your offerings.

Also, ThirstyPay™ boasts the all-familiar advanced tracking features of ThirstyAffilaites. So you can see how well your links are doing in real-time. This means you get the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not, helping you tweak your strategy and boost sales even more.

Basically, ThirstyPay™ simplifies how you sell things online, like skipping the hassle of setting up your own checkout page. That way you can get straight to selling without sweating the tech stuff. 

The Right Tool for the Right Job: ThirstyAffiliates Links vs ThirstyPay™ Links

Picking the right tool for your online marketing can make a huge difference. That's where getting to grips with the differences between a cloaked ThirstyAffiliates link and a ThirstyPay™ link pays off – literally.  

Both link types are part of the ThirstyAffiliates arsenal, designed to support digital creators and entrepreneurs in distinct ways.

A cloaked ThirstyAffiliates link is a must-do for affiliate marketers. It excels in turning long, unwieldy affiliate links into neat, branded links that fit seamlessly with your content. 

This not only makes your links more attractive and easier to manage but also keeps your branding front and center, especially when promoting third-party affiliate products.

ThirstyAffiliates links shortening and cloaking example

ThirstyPay™ shifts the focus from affiliate marketing to direct sales. 

Similar to a “buy now” button, ThirstyPay™ links seamlessly funnel online purchases of your items directly into your Stripe account.

How to create a ThirstyPay™ link explained

The big difference between the two? It depends on what you’re aiming to do. 

  • ThirstyPay™ links, on the other hand, are tailored for those ready to sell their own products by creating a super smooth and personalized checkout experience.

It's not about which tool is better (because they’re both amazing); it's about what you need at the moment. 

Channel Your Creativity into a New Business Strategy with ThirstyPay™

The idea that you have to choose between being a sharp marketer and a digital entrepreneur is outdated. 

ThirstyPay™ is here to break down those barriers, showing that you can excel at both. It's time to merge the worlds of creative passion and strategic marketing into one powerhouse role.

We're creating a space where creativity isn't just cool; it's currency. Here, your unique ideas and projects can truly grow into something more (like more money).

How to Monetize Your Affiliate Marketing Even More with ThirstyPay™

As an affiliate marketer, your content creation engine never stops. You're always on the move, creating a diverse range of materials:

  • blog articles
  • product displays
  • social media posts
  • videos 
  • podcasts 
  • online courses 

It's all part of the mix, helping you promote a wide range of products and rake in affiliate commissions. And that's fantastic – your content is working for you in a big way.

But here comes ThirstyPay™, sliding into the scene to unlock the true value of your content.

Those hours of writing you've poured into your content pieces? That’s not just words on a page anymore. That’s your product lineup waiting to hit the virtual shelves.

Here's a few ways ThirstyPay™ can make that happen: 

Turn Blog Posts into Profitable eBooks

Turning your blog posts into an eBook offers your audience a fresh way to engage with the valuable insights you've shared. It’s taking the best bits of your blog and putting them into a handy guide that readers can refer to anytime, anywhere.

With ThirstyPay™, selling your eBook becomes effortless, whether directly on your site or elsewhere. A simple click from readers, and the eBook is theirs.

And get this: these links are totally in sync with ThirstyAffiliates product displays too. By upgrading your link to a “Buy Now” button and pairing it with an engaging summary and visual of your eBook, you instantly turn your website or blog into an inviting digital bookstore. 

ebook product display example_ThirstyAffiliates ThirstyPay™

Got affiliate links in your posts? Great! Keep ‘em in there! This strategy allows you to earn from eBook sales while still benefiting from the affiliate links embedded within its content.

It's a smart, seamless way to create an efficient, effective, and evergreen resource that continues to reward both you and your readers.

Add Special Subscriber Access to Your Site 

A content monetization strategy just as slick as affiliate marketing is following a subscription-based business model. 

This involves setting up a paid access for readers who wish to engage with your site's content. If you haven't explored this for your blog, now's the perfect time.

Membership sites offer several advantages to content creators, such as building a dedicated community and providing a recurring revenue stream.

The good news is, evolving your blog into a membership site is super easy, especially when the same team that brings you ThirstyAffilaites, is the same team that runs the most popular membership plugins on the WordPress market:

best WordPress membership plugins: MemberPress, MemberMouse, and WishList Member

For a smooth start, we suggest using MemberPress to safeguard your content. It's a simple setup that leads to significant benefits.

Next, use ThirstyPay™ to create a customized payment link to promote and sell your membership subscriptions. 

ThirstyPay™ paywall popup link example
Add a ThirstyPay™ link to a paywall popup

Your audience, already accustomed to clicking through your branded affiliate links, will likely be eager to use a similar, trusted route to access exclusive content and perks on your site.

This not only secures a new revenue path but also strengthens your relationship with your audience by offering them value-added content in a more personal setting.

Put a Price Tag on Your Premium Podcasts  

Podcasters are also starting to blend affiliate marketing into their storytelling (and vice versa). This content platform is a fun way for creators to transform product recommendations into engaging conversations that hit closer to home for their listeners.

Rather than merely sharing a link, you're engaging your audience with your voice, making recommendations feel more like personal advice from a trusted friend.

For those hosting their podcast on WordPress,  plugins like Blubrry and Casto slot in easily with your site. They each bring in neat features like automatic transcription, analytics, and YouTube syncing, making your podcasting life a bit easier and more streamlined.

While affiliate marketing certainly adds a nice bonus to your podcast, charging for your episodes is where the real income flows. 

Luckily, both podcasting tools listed above (and several others) support Stripe for easy payment processing too. However, Stripe's standard payment links fall short in capturing your unique vibe.

ThirstyPay™ allows you to craft payment links that are not just in tune with your podcast’s character but also catchy and memorable. 

They're super easy to plug into your show too. For instance, as you're wrapping up one episode, guide listeners onto the next by saying, “Listen to my next episode now at www.mypodcast.com/episode-name – making it easier for them to continue [paying for] their journey immediately.

Include ThirstyPay™ links in your podcast transcript for easy purchasing

Don’t forget to add your ThirstyPay™ link to the transcript too for easy clicking and purchasing. 

Cash Up Front Online Courses 

Have you ever thought about turning your affiliate marketing expertise into an online course? It's an excellent way to reach a broader audience and monetize your knowledge. 

By packaging your insights, strategies, and tips into a comprehensive online course, you create an invaluable resource that teaches others the ropes. 

When it comes to the technical side, remember our chat about MemberPress? It's not just great for memberships. This plugin also shines as a powerful LMS platform for creating and selling online courses on WordPress.

Create an online course with MemberPress and sell with ThirstyPay™
MemberPress Online Course Creator

Plus, ThirstyPay™ does more than sell your course. It's your megaphone for promoting it too. With a brand-boosting link, you can spread the word about your course, making it that much easier for students to find and enroll.

Promote ThirstyPay™ links in your Instagram Link in Bio
Promote your course in your Instagram <em>Link in Bio <em>

Okay, so teaching affiliate marketing might mean bumping into a bit more competition down the line (but between us, they've got nothing on your skills). 

Instead, you could zero in on a teachable topic within your niche, such as: 

  • Fitness and Wellness Niche: Compile your content related to workout routines, nutrition plans, and wellness tips into structured modules.
  • Personal Finance Niche: Gather content on budgeting, investing strategies, debt management, and saving tips to create course modules.
  • Cooking and Food Niche: Aggregate content featuring recipes, cooking techniques, kitchen gadgets, and meal planning tips into course modules.
  • Photography and Videography Niche: Utilize content featuring photography tutorials, camera gear reviews, editing software guides, and composition techniques to develop course content.
  • Parenting and Child Development Niche: Compile content covering parenting tips, child development stages, discipline strategies, and educational resources into course modules.
  • DIY and Home Improvement Niche: Gather content on DIY projects, home improvement tutorials, tool reviews, and renovation guides to create course modules.
  • Dog Training and Pet Care Niche: Aggregate content on dog training methods, behavior modification techniques, puppy care, and pet products into course modules.
  • Language Learning Niche: Compile content focused on language learning methods, vocabulary building, grammar tutorials, and cultural immersion tips into course modules.

Pay to Join Social Media Groups 

If juggling a website isn’t really your jam,  but you thrive on social media, transforming your social media group into a lucrative channel might be an excellent content monetization option for you.

With options like Facebook, you have the opportunity to introduce a subscription model to your social group. Simply require members to chip in a few bucks for all that exclusive content they can’t get enough of. 

Suddenly, your social media hangout isn’t just for chats and shares; it’s a spot where your unique tips, special deals, or sneak peeks start paying off.

create a monetized social media group with ThirstyPay™

And for the smoothest switch from free to fee-based, there's ThirstyPay™.

Create and share a payment link that acts as the VIP access pass into your social media club. Share it across your social media platforms or target interested individuals directly so that every “request to join” is more revenue in your pocket. 

share your ThirstyPay™ in social media posts

By leveraging ThirstyPay™, you’re basically launching a subscription business right on your social media page. Kind of like having your own mini-membership site but without the headache of managing a full website.

Just When You Thought You Knew Monetization… Discover More Money-Making Possibilities with ThirstyPay™

Chances are, you're not always stuck behind a computer screen. Perhaps you spend your downtime crafting handmade greeting cards or hanging out in your jewelry-making space. 

You can sell those masterpieces with ThirstyPay™too! 

This could be the tool you've been waiting for to transform your hobbies or passion projects into another sweet-paying side hustle.

Discover how your creations can go from your workspace directly into the hands of people who can't wait to buy them. All thanks to ThirstyPay™. 

Crafters & DIYers  

If you're the kind of person who transforms yarn into cozy blankets or wood into elegant furniture, then you too will love what ThirstyPay™ offers. 

With ThirstyPay™, every item you craft gets its own dedicated payment link, bridging the gap between completing your latest masterpiece and getting paid for it. 

ThirstyAffiliates product display with ThirstyPay™ link example

Forget about being boxed into online selling platforms like Etsy or Shopify. ThirstyPay™ gives you the freedom to spread the word about your creations across any platform, from Instagram stories and Pinterest boards to email newsletters and webpages.

This opens up endless possibilities for connecting with your fans, allowing you to promote your creations on the platforms where they spend their time.

Artists & Photographers 

In the vibrant world of art and photography, the digital landscape unfolds as a vast canvas for showcasing and monetizing your work

It's where artists and photographers can showcase their work beyond traditional galleries, connecting you directly with a worldwide audience eager for original creations.

Whether you're a painter, photographer, or digital artist, ThirstyPay™ lets you craft elegant payment links that reflect the essence of your artwork.

Then, by integrating these links on your website, you transform your online portfolio into an interactive marketplace.

showcase photos and art pieces to sell on your own website with ThirstyAffiliates product display and ThirstyPay™

Free from the scheduling limitations of physical galleries, you can update your portfolio whenever inspiration strikes or when you have new work ready to share.  

You set your prices, promote your work in your own voice, and connect with buyers directly, all on your own terms.

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses 

Local stores are always on the lookout for ways to stretch their presence beyond the four walls of their shop. In today’s digital-driven world, that often means bringing the unique feel of your in-store experience online.

That’s where ThirstyPay™ steps in, linking the warm, inviting vibe of your local store with the broad possibilities of the online shopping world.

It livens up your website with custom shopping links, bringing a splash of personality to your online presence.

showcase small business products to sell on your own website with ThirstyAffiliates product display and ThirstyPay™

With Stripe's secure payment processing, your customers will feel just as confident shopping on your online checkout page as they do in your physical store.

ThirstyPay™ checkout page example

If you’re not quite ready to dive into building a full ecommerce platform, no stress!  There are plenty of other great ways to get your products out there. Keep reading to learn more cool ways to promote ThirstyPay™ links.

ThirstyPay™ ensures your unique products are accessible to a broader audience with just a simple click, providing a seamless way to sustain sales even after your physical store has closed for the day.

Subscription Services 

We've discussed the power of subscription models in the digital world, but let's not overlook the earning potential with in-person services too. Perhaps you walk dogs in your neighborhood, offer seasonal lawn mowing packages, or deliver premade meals to busy families around town. 

ThirstyPay™can help you turn these services into a steady revenue stream too! 

Collecting regular payments from clients requires a thoughtful approach though. It's important for your customers to feel confident that their recurring payments are for a valuable service – yours! 

Promote a ThirstyPay™ link on your business card
Promote a ThirstyPay™ link on your business card

With ThirstyPay™, you can tailor your Stripe payment links to better represent your business and foster trust with your clients.

For instance, if someone subscribes to your monthly lawn care service through a ThirstyPay™ link, the transaction will appear on their bank statement with your brand's name, not Stripe's.

This is because ThirstyPay™, utilizing Stripe's technology, processes the payment under your brand, ensuring customers recognize your business name with each transaction on their statement.

It's this level of personalization that converts one-time customers into dedicated subscribers. A simple payment link becomes the foundation for ongoing relationships and encourages engagement with your business on a regular basis.

ThirstyPay™ enhances the customer experience even more by offering an option to save shipping details, a feature particularly beneficial for subscriptions involving physical products.

The next time they shop? Everything auto-populates. This means quicker checkouts, no need for repetitive information entry, and a streamlined path to repeat purchases.

ThirstyPay™ and Stripe will save shipping information for faster customer checkout

How to Generate a ThirstyPay™ Link (with Video)

As I touched on before, ThirstyPay™is built within our ThirstyAffiliates plugin, making it a no-brainer that crafting a ThirstyPay™ link mirrors the user-friendly process of link cloaking. 

For the ThirstyAffiliates veterans, you'll slide right into using ThirstyPay™without skipping a beat. 

If you're new around here, you're going to be pleasantly surprised at how quick and simple it is to get your first ThirstyPay™ link up and start selling online.

WATCH >>> How to Sell Products on WordPress w/ Customized Checkout Links (ThirstyPay™ FULL Tutorial)

>> Click Here for Our Full Support Guide on How to Generate a ThirstyPay™ Link

Top 10 Places to Share Your ThirstyPay™ Links

Once you've got a ThirstyPay™ link (or a handful of them) prepped and ready for action, it's showtime! Time to broadcast your message far and wide and watch those sales start rolling in.

And when we say you can share these links everywhere, we're not kidding. We're talking every corner of the digital universe where your potential customers hang out.

  • Your Own Website or Blog: Seamlessly integrate ThirstyPay™ links into your site or blog content. It's a natural way to connect products with relevant content.
  • Social Media Galore: Take advantage of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more to share your links. It's direct access to your followers and an easy way to engage new faces.
  • Live Streams: Dropping a ThirstyPay™ link during your Twitch, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live sessions puts your offer right where viewers can't miss it.
  • Email Newsletters: Spice up your email newsletters with ThirstyPay™ links, perfect for announcing new goodies or sharing exclusive deals.
  • YouTube Descriptions: For the video creators out there, adding your ThirstyPay™ link in descriptions or as pinned comments directs curious viewers straight to your offers.
  • Community Boards and Forums: Share your ThirstyPay™ link in communities where your target audience loves to engage. It's about being where your customers are.
  • Direct Outreach: Don’t shy away from sending your ThirstyPay™ link directly to those who’ve shown interest. A little personal touch goes a long way.
  • Podcast Mentions: If you host a podcast, weave your link into the conversation or include it in your show notes.
  • Online Courses: If you offer online courses, including your ThirstyPay™ link in the materials can make purchasing seamless for students.
  • Online Marketplaces: Don’t forget to explore online marketplaces that allow external links to broaden your reach.

Your marketing strategy is clear: meet your customers where they're most comfortable and make it super easy for them to make a purchase with a simple click.

The Perks of Going Premium with ThirstyPay™! 

All ThirstyAffilaites users have access to ThirstyPay™. 

However, if you're using our free plan there's a tiny hitch –  a 3% transaction fee on each sale. It's a small slice that helps keep ThirstyPay™ operational.

But what if you could pocket that 3% and pinch onto every penny for every sale?

That's the deal when you level up to a paid ThirstyAffiliates plan.

Once you upgrade, you don't have to worry about transaction fees. This means every bit of profit from your sales stays with you. 

And when those sales start to climb, you'll really notice the difference in your pocket!

Upgrade to a premium ThirstyAffilites plan today and give your content the chance to grow bigger and profit better! 

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